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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The definition of a leader

The founder of Organo Gold, Shane Moran, was asked to describe the traits a leader. 

Here's what he said...

"One of the most important traits is doing what you say you’re going to do.  Sometimes distributors are so excited they can’t stop talking and they exaggerate.  That’s not leadership."

"We try to instill that if you say you’re going to do something, you get it done, even if it hurts.  If you say you’re going to read a chapter of Think and Grow Rich every day, then read it.  We are developing leaders who are thinking carefully before they speak.  'I’m going to bring ten people to my house on Monday.'  Well, you better call forty so ten people show up."

"Next, make sure you have a definite purpose, use your imagination to develop a clear vision and take personal initiative.  This all comes down to the principles Napoleon Hill put forth in 1937.  Our distributors read about them and learn them by practicing them.  Time goes by and next thing they know, others are calling them leaders."

"Leadership is based on accountability in its simplest form.  Too many people come into this business wanting to know the most advanced tricks and fanciest systems.  We say that our most advanced system is the simplest.  Master the basics and you’ll become an expert in any company you work with."

"What is the most important success principle you will learn from Napoleon Hill?  We call it GEM, short for Going the Extra Mile.  It is the action of rendering more and better service than what you are presently compensated for.  It is a fundamental principle that can be applied in every business and all aspects of life.  The Universal Law neither permits any living thing to get something for nothing nor allows any form of labor to go unrewarded.  When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation always rewards you, sooner or later."

"What all great leaders have in common is that they initially give much more in services, time, and energy than they are paid for - and they do it with a positive mental attitude.  The majority of people fail to practice this one fundamental habit and therefore miss out on the tremendous benefits that come with it.  If you want your organization to grow quickly, learn this principle first by studying this habit in others.  Then, take action by developing your reputation as someone who always finds ways to go the extra mile: make the extra call, invite the extra guest, conduct the extra coffee-and-jazz mixer, add an extra customer, and so on.  The most difficult part is that in the beginning, you will feel you are not being rewarded for your extra effort.  However,if you stay committed and develop the habit of going the extra mile, it will lead to profits far beyond what you believed were possible."

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