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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Avoiding germs and bacteria: another advantage of Organo Gold coffee

As of this writing, I still work in a hospital part-time.  Because I get there quite early (and am sometimes there at night), I always carry my coffee with me.  Since most of Organo Gold's coffee types and flavors come in small, pre-brewed packages (or 'satchets'), it's very convenient to keep a few in the pockets of my scrubs.

Another reason for this is germs and pathogenic bacteria.  Hospitals are swarming with both.  My department (radiology) has a break-room with a coffee pot.  Unless you personally wash it, there's no way to know when the last time anyone else did that either.

The fact is that bacteria loves coffee almost as much as office workers do.  There can be close to 70 different strains in the machine's drip tray, inside the pot or on its handle.  When it contacts your hand, then it's going to be on the donut that you brought with you as well.

Now that coffee pot in the break-room isn't going to be as hideously toxic as that dishwashing sponge in the sink, but it's still a warm and wet environment - the kind in which bacteria thrive.

So what's the solution?  I've already said it.  Bring your own coffee and (of course) share it with others!


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