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Thursday, October 29, 2015

If your work isn't fun, you're not doing it right

It's also possible that you're in the wrong line of work.

Great achievements, along with virtues such as humility, often come from a child-like sense of curiosity, play, lack of fear and innocence. 

In other words, success is a result of not being afraid to have fun in whatever it is that you do.  You'd be surprised at what an un-cluttered mind can accomplish. 

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Mozart found his passion when he finally escaped the adulthood of a steady job in Salzburg, for the virility of Vienna.  There, he wrote and commanded operas, orchestras, singers and actors.  Though known for his playfulness, and sometimes child-like behavior, he created Don Giovanni, the opera that changed every piece of music that ever came after.

Marie Curie found her passion, like so many of us, by playing with things she encountered in nature - like rocks.  Why did some rocks seem to be like the sun (with their own source of light), when all else around them was pitch dark?  Like a child, she held them in her hand, looked hard at them and even threw them.  In other words, she studied them with playful curiosity.

Mick Jagger had no musical talent at all but would collect blues records from America.  He and his childhood friend, Keith Richards, would lie around listening to them.  When his parents sent him off to study at the London School of Economics, he was still listening to those records and scribbling down lyrics rather than paying attention to concepts like 'supply and demand'.

Mary Shelley wondered what it would be like if a machine had intelligence. She day-dreamed about it.  She called her machine the Frankenstein monster and made up stories about how people would treat such a hybrid human/machine.

The moral of the story:  Don't over-think things and truly enjoy what you do.


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