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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The second major leadership position in Organo Gold is the 'Ruby' level

Why do you want to get Ruby done?

When you do, you have really and truly arrived.  The Sapphire level was (and is) great, but Ruby is much better.

Here's why:

1) You get paid 7 different ways!

2) Your sales volume matches that of the average Starbucks but you won't have their hours, their overhead, or their headaches!

3) You're looking at the very real possibility of never having to work for someone else EVER again.

4) In North America, you get your Mercedes Payment made by Organo Gold - and you get to pick a new one at Ruby!

5) You get paid on EVERY single cup of Organo Gold coffee (and tea) that is re-ordered throughout the world!  It's called 'profit sharing', and every Ruby is a part of that.

6) You get to impact a whole lot of lives!

Leaders do very well with OG because the company wants to reward people who make decisions quickly and act on those decisions.  Those rewards show that they are committed to your success.  Those are definitely the type of people I want to work with and who will get the best results from this program.

Is it a lot of hard work to become a Ruby?  'Hard' vs 'Easy' is different for everybody.  What it does take is plenty of action.

Just remember this:  One day, when wealth no longer matters to you, you’ll realize that what was important in life was the people that you met, knew, and loved, and the experiences that you had with others.  It won’t be about the wealth you created while working long hours on your own.  It will be about the legacy you leave in the people that you loved and helped.


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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