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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ganoderma is becoming even more popular

China is still a communist country, but they're figuring out that when nobody (except the government) owns anything, then nobody cares about anything.  That's why it's good to hear that they've enacted better land-use policies.

It's interesting that one of the best-paying crops is the 'King of Herbs' - Ganoderma.  The Chinese have held it in high regard for over 1,000 years and all Organo Gold products are infused with it.  In fact, we call it 'The Treasure of the Earth'.

Since Organo Gold coffee and tea is sold all over the world, and the processing plant is in China, it creates an outstanding and profitable market for this cultivated herb.  That's good for everyone who enjoys its benefits, it's good for farmers and it's good for the forests.

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