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Monday, September 1, 2014

What makes YOU special?

Something does, I guarantee it.  And whatever that something is, you can use it to get whatever you want out of life.  Consider this...

Have you ever seen photographs of individual grains of sand blown up over 250 times their actual size? Some grains look like red, glossy stones, others look like icicles; some resemble speckled yellow and brown eggs, and still others seem shaped like corncobs, snowflakes, and precious gems. Some grains are square; some, spherical; and some, flat. No two grains are the same.  In fact, you’d never know you were even looking at grains of sand if no one told you.

So the next time your toes are gripping the warm sand, think about each and every tiny grain, unique in shape, depth, color, and texture. God created each and every one of this infinite variety of grains.
Since God shows off His creative abilities in tiny bits of sand, think about what He has done - and can do - with us, the crown of His creation. Each one of us is unique in appearance, personality, gifts, and experiences; each of us is wired with feelings, preferences, responses and tastes that are ours alone.  ~From Devotions For The Beach, by Sarah Young

There's something special about you - something different, and something unique.  Like the amazing differences in individual grains of sand, you have qualities that others can't see.  Don't wait.  Develop them and let them shine for the world to SEE.


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