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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Would you know an opportunity if you saw it?

Successful investors do.  So do successful business people.  And just what do I mean by 'opportunity'?  I'm talking about nothing more than a favorable juncture of circumstances that provide a good chance for gain, advancement or progress.

OK, so where do you find opportunity today?  Listen, I have two degrees and the second one (in particular) has served me well enough.  But as I've written on this blog numerous times, my belief is that true opportunity for people today is not in the college system but in each person's desire to do something special with their life - i.e. invest in themselves.  Granted, most people don't have that drive and are happy to work for someone else.  If this is you, then great!  It takes all kinds to make the world operate.  But for those who don't want that kind of life, and are willing to put forth the effort, there are better avenues to take in order for them to be in control of their lives.

Given the facts that you can spend upwards of $20,000 to even $200,000 on college degrees, without being guaranteed of a job, much less a high-paying career, yet you can also spend less than $1000 and have your own business that you could start part-time and build, which option would you chose?   The answer lies with the individual... and the ability to see opportunity.

Do you think men like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki might have some insight into how to make money and what would be a good way to do that?  Each of them believes strongly in the Network Marketing industry - from becoming stars in various companies, to founding their own or simply buying up the best ones.

All I’m trying to say is there are many more opportunities to earn a living than are presented to most people. If you don’t have a home based business, GET ONE!  That's my suggestion.  And in the case of our opportunity, just remember! “It’s Easy! It’s Simple! It’s Coffee!”


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