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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is it hard to make money with Organo Gold?

No!  Most people who are afraid to get started with it have one or two problems that they are struggling with, mentally.  The first one is that they don't 'have any money' to start their business with.  The second fear is that this will be 'too complicated'.


Don't have money to order your coffee?  Use the Retail Script! We have people that generate hundreds of dollars in sales in an afternoon!  The best part is that you can sell it in advance (like a fund-raiser), collect the money and the orders, and then start your business... even if you're broke.

Afraid that you won't be able to understand this business?  Just pass out samples!  There's no "convincing" or "persuading" required. Just get the coffee (and tea) to the people and follow up!  Some will re-order regularly and become retail customers.  Others will be interested in the business side of it as well.

Think you can handle it?  Of course, you can.  So this concludes our 'incredibly complicated, in-depth, super-sophisticated' training system!  (smile)

Just never forget:  "It's Easy. It's Simple. It's Coffee!"


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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