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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Handle Rejection

First of all, rejection has nothing to do with you.  It's all about what's going on in the other person's mind; what they think they deserve, what they desire, what they are ready (or not ready) for, and so on.  A lot of the time, what you represent is exactly what they need!  They just don't realize it.

REMINDER: "NO" is a part of the system.  In fact, it's just a basic part of life.  When you hear "no" or someone doesn't keep an appointment, or when someone quits, or they get started but don't follow the steps, that does not mean the system isn't working.  It means the system is working perfectly!

The system isn't in place to "convince".  The system is in place in order to showcase what we're doing.  When we expose people to the information, we then give them the opportunity to make a decision.  They are not making a decision about 'you'.  They are not making a decision about the company and their own lives.  They are making a decision about themselves.  And "no", or "not right now", or "I'm not ready for this", are perfectly acceptable responses.

Remember, our job is not to convince, persuade, or "sell". Our job is to simply put people in front of the information and let them make a decision.  Therefore, you will hear "no" ... a LOT.  And that's why the way to let the numbers work for you is to make sure you are exposing a LOT of people to the business plan. 

Think about our goal of 1%.  Here are the numbers:

In order to have a 1% success rate, you will get 99 "no" responses out of 100 presentations. These are the numbers. And, as we all know, numbers don't lie. (Believe me... do 100 presentations as quickly as you can. You'll see a MUCH better success rate than 1%!)

So when you are tempted to say (or you hear someone say), "It's not working. People are telling me 'no'.", recognize that it IS working!  "No" is simply part of the process.  Success comes to those who commit to and follow the process.

Don't worry about hearing "no". Work on YOU.  Become better and better at your profession. The "Yes" answers will come!  I see the glass as half-full, not as half-empty. Learn from your failures, but put them behind you and move on.

"Try one more time. The next time could be your yes. Don't let the no's discourage you. Don't let the closed doors convince you to give up."  ~Joel Osteen


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