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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Touch my coffee, I kill 'ya. Touch my Ganoderma, I kill 'ya.

Kind of scary, huh?  Sure, but the historical fact is that the death sentence was common in ancient times for stealing and/or interfering with the trade of precious commodities.  It was the same thing in the Old West with horses!

Take, for example, the famous mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum.  In China, it’s known as the “Miraculous King of Herbs”, and for thousands of years Ganoderma has been considered by the Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine.  How they discovered that is unknown, but the Chinese have always believed that ‘‘Ganoderma can keep one young and provide a long life, if taken continuously."  It's only recently that it's being scientifically investigated as to why Ganoderma is believed to be so effective in this regard. 

Due to research done by both Chinese and foreign scholars in recent years, and the cooperative analysis and clinical experiments done by hospitals (including M.D.Anderson, here in Houston), colleges, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, its extensive efficacy is finally been revealed. Definitely an anti-inflammatory, it appears to have the potential to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, aid the gastrointestinal tract and may be effective at preventing/fighting certain forms of cancer. 

Apparently, all of this was known in ancient times because Chinese royalty carefully cultivated it in their gardens.  If you were caught stealing it, the first time they cut off your hand.  The second time, they cut off your head!

Which brings us to... Khair Beg, Governor of Mecca (16th century).

Actually, before the 1500's, coffee wasn't known in Arabia (or really much of anyplace else).  But once nomads and dervishes started sharing this African discovery, and the process for brewing it, it's virtues became known by a wide population and coffee beans evolved into a valuable commodity.  What's more, in cities like Mecca, 'coffee houses' became popular gathering places for socializing, exchanging news and even playing popular boardgames, like chess - sort of the like the Facebook of their day (The same thing happened in Europe when coffee was introduced there, a century or so later, but that's another story).

In fact, this activity (centered around the love of coffee) became so popular that the Governor believed it to be a threat.  In his mind, the extensive socializing at these coffee houses might lead to insurrection and revolt, not to mention that he believed coffee to be an intoxicating substance, forbidden by the Koran.

So what did he do?  He banned the drinking of coffee in Mecca!

Now people really WERE plotting a revolution and news reached the Sultan in Egypt (i.e. Khair's boss), who was an avid coffee drinker.  The result was that the Sultan restored legal consumption of coffee in Mecca and had Khair Beg executed!

Fast forward to the 21st Century.  Not only do we have high-quality coffee available (in endless varieties), but Organo Gold has an odorless & tasteless infusion of Ganoderma that makes it even better!

Did I mention that you can earn a good living (or even a fortune) selling it, and building a sales organization that does likewise?   Well, in the 21st century, you can do that too.  The rest... is history.


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