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Monday, February 17, 2014

Does your coffee cup annoy others?

Actually, lots and lots of people like to drink from funny mugs, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they're 'annoying' to look at.  I'm talking about mugs shaped like cartoon characters, mugs with funny quotes on them or even goofy-looking souvenir mugs.  They've even got mugs with funny stuff on the bottom that others only see when you've got it tilted up and you're draining that last swallow.

But somehow I've got a feeling that if you set this thing up on your office desk, you'd be making a 'statement' about how much of an Apple fan you are... and that just seems to annoy certain people.!)

I'm not personally saying that there's anything wrong with that - much like having a coffee mug that looks like Darth Vader's helmet or President Obama's head.

I just know how Mac people are sometimes 'hated' by others.  Strange but true!  I think some of the Mac hate has to do with the fact that Apple products are more likely to be purchased just for appearances.  A Dell laptop is far more anonymous than a Macbook Air, but accomplishes the same basic user tasks of browsing the internet, writing a letter, doing some spreadsheet work, or watching some streaming video.  Why spend more?  I'm sure you have your reasons, but for folks like my dolt cousin, it's because "OMG SHINY".

I will compare it to cars.  Kim Kardashian has a Ferrari, but you know it's for appearances - she isn't tracking it, racing it, and probably barely even speeds in it.  Meanwhile, some car buff would kill to actually use that car at a larger fraction of its capabilities.  At the lower level, why buy a BMW if you don't care about sport suspensions and sport bucket seats?  Because they aren't as anonymous or inexpensive as a Honda or a Ford.

In other words, nobody likes a show-off.

Ah well, enjoy your coffee anyway... from whatever mug you like.  Because, you know what?  Once you achieve real freedom with Organo Gold, you can do whatever you want!


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