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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guns n' Roses vs Jazz. Why not both?

When you get started with your own Organo Gold business, your guide to being successful early on is what we call The Four Steps.  The idea being that you have a plan (so you don't have to make one up) and a list of specific business activities that you should be doing on a daily and weekly basis.

It's all designed to help you get off to a good start.

One of these specific activities is something we call a 'Coffee Jazz Mixer', or CJM for short.  All this means is showing the plan to others inside a private setting, such as somebody's living room, office, back porch, RV or wherever.  It's not difficult, because all you have to do is put in the presentation CD and push 'play'.

Of course, in addition to playing the CD, you'll be serving coffee (or tea) and playing a little low-volume jazz throughout.  Why jazz?  Because it's mellow, not distracting and universally acceptable.  It just works best... and this has been tested over and over again.  So don't doubt it!  However, there will always be some who insist on playing classical music, country & western, disco or even rock & roll.  I'm just telling you - it's been tried and it's not the same effect.

So here's a suggestion:

If you just can't stand the idea of jazz, why not make a create a CD or an iPod full of jazz tunes that are actually covers of your favorites?  It's the perfect compromise, even if you're a Guns n' Roses fan!


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