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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Organo Gold business explained

What are we selling here?  Coffee. That's it.  Now the company does offer some other fine products, such as tea, nutritional supplements and soap.  However, sampling out and selling this gourmet coffee is 99% of what you will be doing.  And... of course... you will be sharing the business opportunity with those who like the coffee once they drink it.

Is this an MLM?  You bet it is.  That's where the money is!  How much money?  The top earners are receiving 6-figure checks on a monthly basis and many others are earning 5-figure monthly checks within a year of becoming distributors.  Will you earn that much?  I don't know!  But what I do know is that you will do very, very well if you follow the four(4) essential steps to building your Organo Gold business.  They are as follows:

1:  Be a Product of the Product.  That means drinking the coffee and/or tea and becoming immersed in what you are telling others about - i.e. selling.  You can't sell anything if you don't believe in it.  That also means getting on the proper autoship.  Yes, in order to do this business at all, you are going to need a monthly product shipment.  The bare minimum is about two boxes a month of coffee.  If that's all you can do in the beginning, that's fine.  It won't be enough, though.  Just 'doing the minimum' will not make you wealthy.  You'll also run out of coffee.  We will show you how to parley your profits into larger volume, which will put you in a far better commission structure.  You will earn more money!

2:  Build a list of contacts.  This is your warm market.  We suggest 50 coffee drinkers that you know and 50 potential business builders that you know.  This is a people business with a product that you physically consume.  This is critically important!  Everyone wants to do everything anonymously online and with the least amount of effort.  That's human nature and that's why people fail.  If you want to succeed with your new Organo Gold business, you must follow these steps precisely.  Why?  Because these four steps have already created millionaires!  You will be shown exactly what to do with this list (i.e. what to say to people), once you've compiled it.

3:  Book Four Coffee Jazz Mixers.  Why jazz?  Because it works, that's why.  Don't over-analyze this.  These steps are the exact same steps that others have used to build fortunes with this product and this company.  If you do the same things they've done, you'll have the same things they have.  We'll turn you on to all kinds of videos and mentoring that will show & tell you how to do this right.  This is not rocket science.

4:  Plug into our PROVEN system.  Get on the webinars, the conference calls, the area meetings, 3-way calls with me and my sponsor, join our facebook group, etc..  In short, immerse yourself in what we do and the way we do it.  If you are going to do this, then do it with the goal of earning a 5-figure monthly check within a year's time.  And if that's your goal, then simply get better and better and better in each of these four areas.  If you can do that... you will not fail.


To get started today, here's what you do:

If you haven't already done so, go to and watch the short video (specifically the first two videos).  Then contact me at: or 832-524-4251 (be sure to ask for coffee samples!).

I will answer questions and/or arrange a 3-way call with my sponsor.  When you are ready to come into the business, we will guide you through enrollment and explain everything.  My sponsor and I HELP our downline team build their organizations.  We will help you too!

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