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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome, coffee fans!

So how can drinking coffee result in anyone being paid money? That's a question that I have an answer for. Look, coffee drinkers drink coffee... every day. They will keep drinking coffee. You might as well get paid when they do!

That's where Organo Gold (or OG, for short) comes into the picture. Organo Gold is an international company in the gourmet coffee business. They could spend millions and millions on advertising or on franchise stores (like Starbucks does), but they don't. Instead, they employ the classic individual distributor model - just like Avon, AmWay, Tupperware, etc... and they are growing FAST. You see, coffee is an enormous industry. Most people don't realize just 'how' big it is.

Here are two interesting facts: Other than water, coffee is the most consumed beverage on earth. And other than oil, it is the most highly traded commodity on the planet.

This is big business, folks.

You can get a piece of this action and it can pay you very, very well. Organo Gold is only a couple of years old and their top distributors are already earning 6-figure checks every month. That is no lie. Many others are earning 5-figure monthly checks after only a year or less in the business.  Does this sound like something that you'd like to be a part of? Well it gets better.

When you join my team, you receive very specific - step-by-step - instructions for success, and they are really quite simple. There are really only four items (or areas) that you need to concentrate on in order to become a star in this business. I call them 'areas of excellence', and (like I said) there are really only four of them.

Much more importantly, not only do we tell you EXACTLY what to do, my sponsor and I will personally guide you - step-by-step - with our facebook group, instructional videos, webinars, conference calls, 3-way calls... whatever it takes. In other words, if you can listen and follow exact instructions, you will be a success at this amazingly lucrative business.


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