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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Media vs Network Marketing

Bill Britt recently passed away.  He was a Network Marketing pioneer with Amway, and started back in 1970 when nobody really believed in this industry at all. Some years ago, NBC Dateline did a feature story on Amway.  It was the typical, media hatchet-job. The report spent a long 19 minutes interviewing whiners & complainers - distributors who had failed. Their 'news' cameras showed garages full of products that were never sold and their microphones recorded the various sob stories.

This isn't the only story like this, by the way.  Since Amway is about the oldest and most famous company in Network Marketing, most media 'hit-piece' stories over the years have focused on them.  But they're not alone.  National and local 'news' has gone after Mary Kay, Herbalife, Tupperware... and even Organo Gold.

It's always the same story, no matter who 'reports' it.  'People have lost their money, it was all hype and flash, the income-claims were unrealistic, the products are not FDA approved, the home-office won't return calls, our secret cameras recorded this meeting, there is a federal investigation, etc., etc.'  The idea is to inflict the maximum mental anguish on people involved with this business and/or those considering it.  And once the lights, cameras and microphones are turned off and put back in the news van, they drive off - satisfied that they've 'exposed the truth'.

What's the reason?  I don't really know.  Ignorance has a whole lot to do with it.  But I happen to believe that most of the motivation is based on ENVY.

During the last minute of that NBC show (if anyone stayed around to watch that long), Britt was interviewed in front of his palatial home. He was asked, "This business has obviously worked for you. What's your secret?"  He replied, "There is no secret.  I simply showed the plan to 1200 people.  900 said 'No' and only 300 signed up.  Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all.  Out of those 85, only 35 were serious.  Out of those 35, 11 made me a multimillionaire."

Bill worked through the numbers.

In Network Marketing, you persevere or you perish.  Quitting is the one sure way to fail.  Surviving your first year establishes you with a good basis for success.  Statistically, staying at it for 10 years gives you a 95% chance of earning the millions that Bill did during his lifetime.

Those are real, verifiable facts.


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