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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Faith, Determination and Forgiveness conquer all

If you think that starting your own business is tough, then you probably don't know what 'tough' is.  I'm not trying to sound mean because I'm been through plenty of business (and personal) struggles in my life.

I left the advertising department at Gordon's Jewelry, just before I would have been laid off (everybody else was, when they were bought out by Zales).  Then I lost my job at the Houston Post when the newspaper suddenly went out of business.  After recovering from that, I entered into about the 'toughest' business there is; buying and selling foreclosures.  I was doing OK and even formed a small real estate partnership and had a successful Network Marketing business going as well.

Everything looked great, and then... disaster really struck.

My partner turned out to be a crook who had stolen $50,000 dollars from our investors and our business collapsed.  Worse still, the Texas Attorney general at the time sued my MLM company out of business and my downline collapsed.  Even better, the 'love of my life' at the time left me.

Does it sound 'tough' yet?  It gets better.

I fell into the business of bar tending & bar management and, as some years passed, I was doing pretty well for myself.  I even got started with another MLM (a long-distance company).  Then an unfortunate thing happened, the owner of the bar where I worked got a new girlfriend who coveted my job.  So he replaced me with her so that they could have a nice, combined income and a wonderful home together.  Did I mention he was my best friend?  He didn't care.

As for my home (a condo, at the time) I soon lost it to foreclosure and this second MLM company simply went out of business without any notice.  Hoping to get back on my feet, I then put together some small investors and opened a little retail shop, which lasted about 2 years until eBay and put us out of business.

Sound 'tough' yet?

I then met the new love of my life (and married her!) and decided to go back to college in my 40's.  The career I chose was, and remains, medical imaging.  I worked part time in a pet food store and volunteered at a hospital while taking college Level English, along with Algebra I & II, Psychology, Speech and Humanities.  Those 'prerequisite' classes enabled me to apply to the Health Science college where they only accept 25% of the applicants.  I was admitted and began two years of training, during which half of the starting class failed or dropped out!  Once I graduated, it took six more months to find work.  To this day, some of my surviving classmates never have.

All that said, I experienced a new interest in Network Marketing (and Internet Marketing) during my time at the Health Science college and now work full-time in one of the 'toughest' places there is to work:  a hospital.  It pays well (that's true), but I've got a lot of years to make up for and I've been working two jobs - and that involves a 7-day-a-week schedule, plus some nights.

Thankfully, this coffee & tea business is allowing me to re-think that schedule and cut back a lot of those hours.  But it's hasn't been 'easy'... not EVER.

"Yeah but you don't know MY situation.", I hear you saying.  "I've really had it tough!"

I realize that everybodys' story is different and some people live particularly hard lives:  raised in poverty, refugee from a 3rd world country, handicapped, abandoned in childhood, disease, loss of loved ones, drug addiction, war-wounds, mental scars, prison time, no education, etc.

But faith, determination and forgiveness can overcome any of those things.  I've seen too many success stories to doubt it.  That's why I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn't believe me:  'Trapped in Hitler's Hell', by Anita Dittman

I'm not trying to sell you the book.  All I'm saying is find it however you can.  Please.  Get it and read it.  When you do, get back to me and share your thoughts on how 'tough' it would be to start your Organo Gold business  - or any other business, for that matter.

I'll be waiting...


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