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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'No' means you're doing it right with Organo Gold

When you first launch your Organo Gold coffee business, how well you handle “No” will be a critical factor in determining your success. The fact of the matter is that people are going to tell you “No” all the time.  It's going to happen a lot and don't worry about it. If you have any kind of sales background, you’re probably already used to it. You know that not everybody is going to buy from you so you just get past the “no” and move on to find the next “yes”. 

That's how it works.

But if you are new to network marketing, sales, and prospecting, rejection can be quite a shock. You're getting ready to join the Organo Gold movement and you just KNOW that everybody is going to want to get involved, right?  But then you'll start hearing it. The dreaded rejection. It will come from friends. It will come from family, it will come from co-workers and it will come from people that you've done business with before.

So get ready for some straight-talk.  Here it is: You need to make up your mind, RIGHT NOW, that you are going to learn how to handle rejection if you ever want to experience success that goes beyond having a “good job” (whatever that is).  The first step is to realize that hearing the word “no” won’t kill you. It may sting a little when you first start your coffee business, but it definitely won’t kill you. Recognize that “no” is just their initial defensive reaction or it may just be a way of them saying “not now”. The key is: Don’t take it personally! In this business, we get paid to follow the process. “Yes” is a part of the process. “No” is a part of the process. Learning to not become emotionally attached to either response is very important to your success.  That's very, very important to remember - don't be emotionally involved with whether or not somebody in particular isn't interested in this coffee business. 

Seriously, don't be afraid.

The second step is to learn to ask the right questions when you talk to someone about our coffee.  You'll get fewer "no's" that way.  All that you really want to do is simply find out if people are OPEN to making some extra income or in trying your product or service.  If they are not open to the idea of picking up some extra income or in trying the coffee (or tea), MOVE ON!  End or change the conversation! That’s it. Every second you spend trying to convince someone to try your product, listen to your presentation, is time you are wasting. You can’t help people that don’t want help. So spend your time looking for people that DO want help! Believe me … they are out there by the millions!

And understand this:  Today’s “no” can often become tomorrow’s “Put me in. I need something to change!”.  I’ve often had people come back to me months later, asking “Are you still in that thing? How’s that working?”.


Successful network marketing professionals focus on 2 steps:

1. Finding out if a prospect is open.
2. Finding out if the next prospect is open.

That’s it.  That's all there is to it.  When you find someone who is open, it’s time to let Organo Gold’s system take over.  We have a proven model, that we are teaching you, that shows you how to get someone to the next step. This includes showing them how to get more information, making sure they get a sample, attend the next webinar, etc…

What are some of the ways you can find out if someone is open?
  1. Ask! “Are you open to the idea of making some extra money from home?”
  2. Ask! “Do you know anyone who would like to …. ?”
  3. Ask! “Who do you know that is looking for … ?”
  4. Online Advertising can also help.  It's not the best way, but it can certainly help. People can view your ads or blog 24/7, no matter where you are. If they are not open to what you are offering, they just go on to look at another ad or another web site. They don’t call you or email you to say “No”. Most of the people you hear from are going to be at least interested in learning more. This reduces the amount of time you spend handling rejections, personally, and helps you focus on following up with people that are at least a little bit interested in learning more about the Organo Gold coffee business.
Beyond the technicality of simply asking people and advertising, I highly recommend that you spend some time focusing on and even writing down your vision for what you want to achieve in your Organo Gold business. Keeping a clear picture of the lifestyle you desire, the home you want, and the car you’ll drive can all be very beneficial in helping you keep your focus when the rejections seem to be coming fast and furious. 

That's because what you think about, you bring about.

Additionally, spend time on personal development. The actual “nuts and bolts” of this business are really very simple. The hardest work you will do will be on yourself. Read books on self development, the industry of network marketing, success stories. These can all be very helpful in shaping your mindset and helping you build confidence as you become a network marketing professional with Organo Gold.

Learning to practice emotional detachment has really helped me. I’m not emotionally invested in their response, nor do I care what they think about me.  I don't mean that in a negative way.  I'm just saying that what other people think about me or what I'm doing is none of my business.  I just want to ask folks to find out if they are ready to have the next conversation about coffee, that's all.  If they are not, I’m sure we’ll talk again in the future.  Take that attitude and you'll be just fine.


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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