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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Organo Gold a 'pyramid scheme'?

pyramid scheme
Network Marketing is a legitimate, sustainable, and explosive business model. You might as well get over it. Are you still stuck in the limited thinking that uses phrases like:

“That sounds like a pyramid scheme”.
“That sounds like a scam.”
“That’s a pyramid”.

Listen… I don’t want to insult anyone here but it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Life and business are changing. Network Marketing is a bona-fide business strategy being used by companies we are all familiar with. The simplest way I know to explain the overall concept of network marketing is like this: You simply refer your friends and people you know to a product or service. We all do this all the time. Most of us are just doing it for free. It’s time for you to get paid.

Here’s an example of you doing network marketing for free: Imagine you went to a movie you really enjoyed. The next day, you are telling your co-workers about the movie. Based on your excitement and recommendation, your co-workers decide to go see the movie. They take some other friends. Did the movie theater, actors, producers, etc… share any of that revenue with you? They all got paid! Your friends and co-workers went because YOU recommended it. Doesn’t it just make sense to you that they should share some of the profits with you? YOU are why they made the money when your friends bought tickets and snacks!

We all do it. We recommend restaurants, movies, books, clothing, music, etc… and we do it for free. Every time we refer someone, those companies make money. And they WANT you to keep referring your friends to them. These companies call it “word of mouth” or “referral marketing”. You are simply spreading the word about a service or product through your network of friends and associates.

Here’s another concept: Every time you buy a t-shirt that has some product logo on it, such as a soft drink company, a band name, etc… YOU PAID THAT COMPANY TO BECOME A WALKING BILLBOARD FOR THEM! And when the billboard works, and that company makes more money because YOU PAID TO ADVERTISE FOR THEM, they don’t even send you a thank-you card. Have you ever bought a Starbucks card as a gift? Nothing wrong with it but look at it from the perspective of the company: YOU paid FULL RETAIL (in advance) and then gave that card away to a friend. As far as you’re concerned, you just did something nice. As far as Starbucks is concerned, they just got you to pay full retail for their product. You will refer customers to them by giving away the card as a gift. They will not share a single penny of those sales revenues with you.


But some companies are catching on and they are starting to offer to share the revenues when you refer people from your network of friends and associates. Another way to say that would be: “network marketing”. (Get it, yet?)

Here are a few examples:

DISH Network has a Customer Referral Program. When you refer a friend, they will take $5 a month off of your bill and give you free movies.

Marriott offers a Referral Program. Refer friends and earn “points”.

Vonage has a Referral Program. They will give you a free month of service when you refer a friend to their service.

Car Dealerships use Referral Marketing. When you bought your last car, did the car salesman tell you they would give you a $50 or $100 pre-paid card any time you refer a new customer to them?
Real Estate Agents offer you a “finders fee” or “bird dog” fee if you refer someone to them that buys a home.

It’s really just good business! These companies know that you have friends that will listen to you. They know that if you recommend their product or service, they will get paid. They also know that you are more likely to make that referral if you get a reward in the form of a commission, discount, etc…

Some referral programs are very simple. Some referral programs are more involved. But the basic idea is always the same: Refer more customers and get rewarded. In my case, I get paid to refer people to a healthier coffee. I give away samples of the coffee to coffee drinkers. When they like it, I show them how to order more. I get paid every time they do.

Sometimes, those coffee drinkers recognize that there is an opportunity for them to get involved and do the same thing. The idea of getting paid to give away free samples of coffee to coffee drinkers (they’re addicts) just makes sense, right?

So, in addition to referring new customers to my particular coffee company, I am also able to show people how to set up their own home-based coffee business. Because I got that referral, the company will now reward me with a percentage of sales from that coffee business I helped set up.

Look … it just makes sense to me. People are going to keep drinking coffee, no matter what you or I do. Network marketing simply allows you to insert yourself in to the cash flow steam by making referrals.

You’re already doing it anyway. Why not start getting paid for it?


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