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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The New Economy vs. the Organo Gold movement

America in decline
America is in decline.  Economically, spiritually and morally.  Many other western nations are suffering a similar fate in the 21st century.  Even worse, our government schools are largely failing to properly prepare students for the challenges that they will face as adults.  Many who graduate high school cannot even read their diplomas.  As a result, an ever-increasing percentage of the population is relying on government handouts for everyday survival.  They're calling this 'The New Economy'.

Why is this?  It's because, in the 21st century, you no longer earn a living with your back.  You earn it with your mind.  For many adults, this reveals the need for an accelerated course in learning!  What about you?  Do you consider yourself a life-long learner or someone who has already learned everything they need to know?  It’s an important question.

In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.- Eric Hoffer

The economy has changed, folks.  Food and fuel prices are high, and taxes just keep going up. The traditional job is no longer sufficient for buying a proper home and raising a family - if such jobs are available at all.  It's pretty grim.  Retirement accounts are being drained dry as people raid them to survive. Savings accounts are a complete and utter joke because what you earn from that is less than inflation! If you had money in an IRA or 401(k), chances are you have already learned this the hard way.  And Social Security?  Does anyone actually believe that system is going to survive?  Politicians have spent all the money buying votes and there will soon come a day when those government checks just stop coming.

America has changed because the world has changed.  For example, foreign factories, the Internet and robotics have transformed everything from manufacturing, to retail and agriculture. Vast numbers of jobs that any high school graduate could do have been wiped out forever. Even institutions like the US Post Office and the Armed Forces are downsizing.

The good old days of “Go to school, get good grades so you can get in to college, get a degree, and land a career you can retire from in 40 years” are over!  Unless your goal is to rely on your family or the government for your retirement  (good luck!), it’s time to realize that 'the New Economy' demands some new learning - learning about how to create monthly cash flows large enough to support you and your family, in spite of what is going on in your city, state or country.

It's because of this that Network Marketing has truly entered the main stream, and half the top-earners in the world are part of Organo Gold. Quite a few publicly traded companies are utilizing the Network Marketing model to get their products and services out to the marketplace, including Donald Trump.  Why? It just makes sense, that's why!  Imagine that you are a business owner. You’ve got to make some decisions about how you are going to get your products out there for consumers.  One option would be to pay a popular celebrity (most likely costing you millions of dollars) to endorse and promote your products.  Another option is to launch incredibly expensive marketing campaigns utilizing TV, print and Internet media - and hope that you reach your market and they want to buy from you.  Another option is to reach out to people with influence and have them simply ask their circle of friends to try the products for themselves.

That last option is faster, MUCH less expensive, more efficient, and quickly capitalizes on the power of social networking. (Friends who refer their friends).  So how do you create monthly cash flow with the Organo Gold distribution model?  When you become a distributor for Organo Gold coffee, you enter into an agreement to refer customers to them. When those customers buy, the company pays you a commission based on the sales volume generated by your referrals.  You can get paid every time those customers order and re-order.  Better yet, you also get paid when their referrals order and re-order.

Like a songwriter who writes a hit song, you can get paid over and over and over again for work you did once a long time ago.  And if you are a strong leader/communicator, you can also build a team of others like yourself that want to refer customers.  Essentially, you can build a network of product distributors and customers that extends worldwide.  When you do it right, you can build a powerful business that continues to pay you month after month, year after year, even while you’re on vacation.

Common objections usually include accusations of Network Marketing being some sort of “pyramid scheme”. Wake up!  Find a business that doesn’t have a corporate structure shaped like a pyramid.  Naysayers will say, “But everybody at the bottom is working so that money flows to the people at the top!”  Doesn’t your traditional job work the same way?  The CEO is getting paid based on the work being done by everyone below them in the organizational chart.  What about your church?  Doesn’t your church work the same way? All that money you donate every Sunday morning is flowing up the structure to cover salaries, missions work, etc…

Your bank works the same way. That money that you deposit (the money you worked for) is being used to cover fees that go to pay the salaries of the bank tellers, managers, vice presidents, etc… and the bank is loaning out YOUR money at a much higher interest rate than they are paying you.  That's why banks have the tallest buildings in town!  Let that sink in.  You work for your money.  You deposit your money at the bank.  They loan your money out and charge a LOT more than they are paying you for the privilege.

The word “pyramid” gets thrown around a lot like nobody had ever heard of it or used that structure before Amway. It happens in businesses, schools, churches, banks, governments, clubs, sports teams, etc… all over the world.  The learners are discovering that ignorance is very expensive.  They are learning that the wealthy have known that using leverage through what is shaped like a pyramid is a powerful tool for creating wealth.  They are learning that the wealthy may have actually been the ones telling them “pyramids are bad” while capitalizing on the power of the pyramid all along.  Meanwhile, the naysayers keep repeating the same old mantra AND getting the same old results.

The world has changed. Let go of the outdated ways of thinking.  The rich do keep getting richer.  The poor do keep getting poorer.  Why? It's because they both keep doing the things that put them there!  What about you?  Will you learn new ways of thinking and doing in order to change your situation or will you hold on to the ways you’ve already learned that aren’t getting it done?


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