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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The rules for success with Organo Gold coffee

the coffee opportunity
Lives are being changed by being involved with this amazing coffee brand!  But one thing that happens in our group is that people will join the OG family, receive their first coffee shipment, do a few of the things they've been taught for a week or two and then ask, "Hey, why isn't my business taking off like you said it would?"  The answer to that is simple.  They aren't doing all of the things they were taught to do and/or they aren't doing them consistently and persistently.

This business is simple because it's just coffee.  It's easy to earn a fortune with it because the steps for doing so are already proven.  But it's hard if you're not motivated!  Remember, it's a BUSINESS.  It's not a toy, a play-thing or a hobby.  You have to prepare yourself to be successful from the beginning.  It's like that with any business, actually.  This one is no different in that regard.  If you're going to do this, then do it.  It's really not that hard.  Go out and sample coffee.  Use the easy retail script to sell boxes to those on your contact list who are willing to support you in your initial launch.  Sell two boxes of coffee wholesale to everyone who joins your business so that they can get started fast.  Book the Coffee Jazz Mixers and do the invites.  Attend the area events or listen to the weekly calls (inviting guests in both cases) in order to immerse yourself in a success mindset and continue to grow & develop.

It is also imperative that you are on the proper autoship so that you have enough coffee for both personal/family consumption, sampling and supplying new team members with their initial stock.  In short, if your new coffee business hasn't started rolling in the first 30-90 days, I can promise you that it's because you haven't plugged into our team's proven system (in every way) and completed the basic steps in order for it to do so.

Here's the good news:  Today can be the first day of a fresh, clean start.  Listen to your upline, plug-in to the proven system, do the steps as outlined at OG University and get involved with local events and team calls.  Meet people, sample coffee, set-up 3-way calls with your upline - over and over again - and you can have everything that most people only dream of.  As of this month (October, 2012), Organo Gold is only four years old and it's already created 26 millionaires.  That doesn't even count the many thousands who are earning 4-5 figures a month by sharing this special coffee.  They did it, and you can do it too.


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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