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Thursday, October 11, 2012

To succeed with Organo Gold, first get your head on straight

road to success
You are going to be challenged with your new Organo Gold business.  Everything may not go perfectly at first and real, lasting success won't come overnight for most people.  Sadly, many will give up and quit at the first sign of adversity.  That's why the true achievers with Organo Gold don't let negativity into their minds.  They immerse themselves in the training material and videos, they attend events and they model their words and daily activities after the top-earners in this company.  But never forget that the work comes first.

The Bible states that we reap what we sow, and most people (if they're honest) know that's true. The most fertile soil in the world is barren unless seeds have been properly planted, cultivated, and nurtured. The relationship between giving and getting is constant in everything you do.

To succeed in any endeavor, you must first invest a generous portion of your time and talents if you expect ever to earn a return on your investment. You have to give before you get. It’s all a matter of attitude. You may occasionally be disappointed if you are not rewarded for your efforts, but if you demand payment for your services before you render them, you can expect a lifetime of disappointment and frustration. If you cheerfully do your best before asking for any compensation, you can expect a bountiful harvest of the greatest rewards life has to offer.  And no matter what bumps you encounter along the road to 'Happy Valley', always remember to keep your head up and stay in the game.


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