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Friday, October 12, 2012

More about the FREE Mercedes from Organo Gold

FREE Mercedes Benz
Yeah, it's true.  You can drive a FREE Mercedes by passing out samples of Organo Gold coffee.  That's crazy, right?  Nah... actually it's true!  You have to do it right, of course, but it's not that hard.  For example, here's a story that happened to my upline-partner, mentor and friend here in Houston today (Mr. Brian Rooney):

"A prospect I’ve been talking to for a few weeks called me today to say he’s ready to get started with us in the coffee business. We’ve been talking for a while and he’s been working on getting the money together to get started. Today is the day. I’m really looking forward to helping him create success in his new business.  We decide to meet at Chili’s to talk, get him signed up, and do a little training.

Part of our 4 Step System is that we always sell our new distributors their first 2 boxes of coffee at wholesale when they first sign up. Why? We want them to have coffee in hand so they can get started immediately. Fast action creates fast results!  So I take those first 2 boxes with me and we set them on the table while we’re talking. After we get him signed up, we’re outside in the parking lot saying “good bye” and setting our plans to get him to our training meeting this Saturday.

A lady approaches me and asks if I sell this coffee. She loves the coffee and has been looking for someone to buy it from! Apparently, she has lost contact with the person she used to buy from.
I asked her why she’s not a distributor so she’ll never have to look for someone to buy from again.
She didn’t even know that becoming a distributor was an option!  She asked if the money is any good. I was in the Mercedes and simply said, “Well … I’ll put it this way. This car is the car bonus program.”  She said, “You’ve Got To Be Kidding! That’s a MERCEDES!”.  She was on her way back to work. We’ll be meeting soon to show her the plan."

The moral to the story:  Be in action. Things happen. You just never know who is out there, RIGHT NOW, looking for what we have to offer.


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