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Friday, October 12, 2012

Organo Gold Business: The Math

Let The Math Work For You!

90 Days To Prosperity. It's just about numbers. It's not about how well you can present.  Don't worry about that. It's not about how much you know about this, that or the other little detail.  Don't worry about that either.  It's just about working the numbers.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Your success with Organo Gold is a mathematical certainty if you understand the math and let it work for you.

Let's break it down by "rounds" rather than days, weeks, or months. If you work the numbers FAST, your "round" can be a day, or a week.  It just depends on you. 

Here's the blue-print:

Round 1: You get 2

Round 2: Teach and Assist your 2 to get their 2. You added 4. (2x2=4)

(Don't do the happy dance because you signed someone up. That's just the start. The happy dance comes when you help THEM get their 2!)

Round 3: Those 4 get 2. That's 8

Round 4: Those 8 get 2. That's 16.

Round 5: Those 16 get 2. That's 32.

Round 6: Those 32 get 2. That's 64.

Round 7: Those 64 get 2. That's 128.

Round 8: Those 128 get 2. That's 256.

Round 9: Those 256 get 2. That's 512.

Round 10: Those 512 get 2. That's 1024.

Round 11: Those 1024 get 2. That's 2048.

Round 12: Those 2048 get 2. That's 4096.

If they all do BRONZE packs, your income over these 12 rounds is over $100,000! If they each just buy 3 boxes, you're looking at over $80K!

If they go Silver or Gold, You're SET!

How Fast Do You Want To Get Through 12 Rounds?!?

If a round takes a full week, you hit this goal in 90 days!  And, believe me ... once you get to Round 8 or 9, you will have the people that originally told you "no" BEGGING you to let them in!

The key to making this work is belief and massive action! Don't be passive. Get aggressive.  Pick up the phone and call your best prospects. Tell them we've launched a massive action plan to create serious prosperity in 90 days and get them on these calls!

Write out the math for yourself.  Everybody can get two.  SEE Yourself getting your 2.  SEE those 2 plugging into the system and getting their 2.  SEE that money coming in!


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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