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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Does Organo Gold pay?

You bet it does!  This system, this product and this company are all proven.  At the date of this message, 26 millionaires have been created in less than 4 years.  Those are just the millionaires.  Thousands more are earning 4 to 5 figures a month, right now.  Absolutely it pays!  What's my goal?  My goal is to be on that list of OG Millionaires!

Do you see YOU on that list?

If so, it's not that hard to get there.  Everything is available for you - the proven system (i.e. the Four Steps & the Four Questions), the 3-way calls with your upline, the conference calls, the webinars, the local events, the CJM's, the 'Coffee That Pays' DVD, the Cash Cow CD's, the videos at &, OG University, your own lead generating sites (like this one), and so on.  That's the system, and it is proven.  But the system doesn't produce results just because it exists. The results come from focused and consistent ACTION fueled by an unwavering belief in yourself and what you're doing. It is up to you to be in action - to invite, to prospect, to sample, to follow up and (most important of all)... to never, never, never quit! 

On the other side of the coin: If you are one of the folks sending repeat Facebook game requests to me, understand that I will not acknowledge them. I am 100% dialed-in and focused on helping those members who are ready to reach their goals. This includes increased income, a new (FREE!) Mercedes, and a new lifestyle. I won't be joining anyone in playing "Ruby Blast". I will be working with those who are in action to Go Ruby in Organo Gold!  I'm not "against" Facebook games, and I'm not saying that playing them is "bad". I am simply pointing out that I am focused and dialed-in to doing what is necessary to reach my goals in Organo Gold - which includes going Diamond and beyond.

Join me in committing to your success and making it happen for you and your family!


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