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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Navigating the Organo Gold 'scam' nonsense

Is Organo Gold a 'scam'?  Of course not.  But as you know, the Internet is a funny place.  You can slander or smear anyone or anything and it just stays out there.  Clever people use the Internet to attack anything and everthing from famous people, to politicians, to religion and (of course) various businesses, especially the really large and successful ones.  It's all designed to make you question your beliefs or shape your opinion... and it's largely anonymous. These character assassins are quite clever - so much so that their smear websites inevitably end up on the first page of Google searches.  That's because they're damned good at it!  They're good at it because they do it a LOT.

Of course, these people are liars and their motivation should be obvious.  As a matter of fact, do a Google search for ANY successful network marketing company and there will be a 'scam' accusation regarding that company on the first page of Google (if not the first page, then definitely the second).  I guarantee it.  The same goes for the news media.  You see it all the time.  Anything or anyone doing well with network marketing will come under attack if they're doing 'too well'.  99 out of 100 times, it's some local reporter creating 'news' by creating a controversy.  But in reality, it's a legal attack designed to benefit the attacker.  The truth has nothing to do with it.  They don't care.

Billy Joel famously said that, "You know you've made the big time when you get sued."  It's because you've either got something they want (money) or you're getting in their back pocket (people are joining your business instead of theirs).  It's the same in this business.  You know that your company is a success when your competition, or just spiteful people in general, starts launching attacks.  People are evil, but the Internet isn't.  It's just a mindless robot.  So the only way to navigate 'scam' claims about any company is to to do your OWN investigation.  If you actually trust and put your faith in random Internet blather, you can be lead around by the nose to believe whatever anyone wants you to believe.

There are a couple of other network marketing companies out there with a coffee product, but you'll never hear me attacking them, calling them 'scams' or otherwise smearing them on this blog.  That's low-energy and I don't have time for it.

Lastly, there are a variety of attack websites out there on Google (along with some breathless media reports) about the 'dangers' of Ganoderma.  Well, Ganoderma has been around for thousands of years.  It's in lots of products and supplements and is freely available in bulk at any Chinese herb shop.  Organo Gold makes no medical claims about its products, though the various health benefits of Ganoderma are legendary.  Lots of people claim that it makes them feel better, and have since ancient times.  Some feel no difference at all.  Whatever.  If don't think you should drink coffee or tea with Ganoderma in it, then don't drink it.  Simple.  Some people aren't supposed to drink milk or eat butter.  So guess what?  They don't drink milk or eat butter.  Who cares?

Bottom Line:  Organo Gold isn't going away.  Just the opposite.  This is a red-hot business that is creating more millionaires than any other company like it on earth.  Some of the Top-10 MLM earners on the planet are in Organo Gold, and this company is still new.  No wonder it's being attacked!  You just have to laugh and shake your head...


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