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Friday, June 22, 2012

How to become an MLM superstar

How - actually HOW - do people become millionaires in network marketing (also known as MLM)?  They become leaders, that's how.  Don't get me wrong, you can achieve quit-your-job income in MLM without being a leader.  But you won't have the ocean-side mansion on the cliffs without becoming one.  Don't think that you're leadership material?  Wrong.  You actually are, or you wouldn't be reading this!  Displaying leadership and creating massive results in MLM really just comes down to a mindset and what you do on a daily basis.  It is what you do daily that matters the most. What follows are five(5) basic things that every MLM millionaire does on a daily basis - I guarantee it:

1.)  They visualize and meditate on their goals all day long.

It's the first thing they think about in the morning and the last thing on their minds at night.  Network Marketing leaders, and especially the top earners, take the time (preferably first thing in the morning) to visualize and meditate on their goals. They have a clear mental picture of the life that they are creating for themselves and others.  Remember:  'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Get clear on your vision for the life that you are creating for yourself, because you bring about what you think about.  That's just a fact.

2.)  Income Producing Activities & Massive Action are their TOP priority.

Visualization without action is delusion.  You're just dreaming. You can visualize and affirm your perfect life, but concrete action is required to bring your visualization into your reality. The only time you are working your business is when you are taking action. The two things that will increase your income and produce results are marketing and talking on the phone.  Nothing else you do matters!  The time period in which you are actually working your business is when you are engaged in one of those two activities. Income-producing activities include placing ads, marketing and driving traffic to your website. Network marketing leaders and top earners do this daily. Yes, they even do it while traveling because it is FUN.  For them, it's not work.  It's simply focus.

By the way, the word “work” shouldn't even be in your vocabulary. When you can pick up your laptop, travel the world and operate your business, it's a blast!  Think about that. This is what network marketing leaders do daily. It is all about being consistent and persistent.

3.)  Superstars concentrate upon Personal Development:

“Work harder on yourself then you do on your business.” – Jim Rohn.  Network marketing leaders invest time in themselves on a daily basis. They block out time (even if it’s half an hour) to read books and listen to mindset cds. Top earners make use of 'NET' (no extra time) time. You have plenty of NET time that you can be using for listening to mindset cds - including driving your car, exercising, taking walks, cooking, running errands, etc. Use your time wisely.

You become what you think about all day long.  So think about that!  Your life is really nothing more than what you think about and what you do. Top earners are committed to feeding their minds with positive and productive information. They do not bombard their minds with CNN (constant negative news) and reading newspapers. Network marketing leaders are committed to their ultimate vision and focus on becoming what they think about.  Your income will be a direct reflection of the books you read, cds you listen to and the people you surround yourself with.

4.) Masterminding with Other Network Marketing Leaders helped make them successful.

I'm going to tell you something.  You can't do this alone.  You need to be interacting constantly (daily, is preferable.) with people who have already accomplished what you are striving to do.  It rubs off on you!  As I mentioned earlier, your income and lifestyle will be a direct reflection of your circle of friends. If you take the average income of your five closest friends, then you will generally come up with your annual income. That's just a fact, because 'like attracts like'. You become who you surround yourself with. Your thinking is also direct reflection of this, and (again) what you think about, you bring about.

Now, no one is telling you to get rid of your friends.  However, if you are committed to increasing your income, then you need some new ones, that's all.  To be an MLM superstar, you must commit to masterminding with network marketing leaders and top earners consistently.  It has got to be part of your lifestyle.  This is exactly what I have done with Organo Gold.  My sponsor is a world-famous MLM star and we trade emails and phone texts on a daily basis.  He's here in Houston with me.  I listen to his training calls every week.  I'm in his facebook group.  I attend his presentations.  HIS sponsor is one of the Top-10 earners - WORLD WIDE - in MLM, earning over $500,000.00 a MONTH with Organo Gold!!!  Those are the kind of friends you want to have in your life, because they will help you do what they did.  Do it, and you will become part of the famous 3%.  More on what that means in a minute.

Commit to being coached by a top earner/leader and surrounding yourself with the best.  Listen to what they say and do what they tell you. You will look back 12-24 months from now and be glad that you did, versus regretting that you didn’t. Take Action Now!

5. Superstars in the Top 3% set their priorities in the Reverse of the 97%.

Network marketing leaders and top income earners play big. If you are committed to having it all, then you either go big or you go home. Listen, yes the rewards of being a top 3% income earner are incredible.  The juice is definitely worth the squeeze!  However, it requires a commitment, a work ethic and being teachable & coachable. Do what your coach/leader says and recommends. Do not deviate from the game plan and 'do it your way'. The top 3% income earners and network marketing leaders follow a certain principle very closely. (Keep this posted on your home-office wall)

BE – DO – HAVE = (3% of Entrepreneurs/Leaders)

This means that top income earners focus on being the person that they visualize to be. Then they do the things that those network marketing leaders do. Then they have the exact results/lifestyle/income that they initially visualized.

Versus: HAVE – DO – BE = (97% of People that set goals operate this way)

The reason why 97% of people that set goals do not achieve them is because they THINK and approach their goals differently. They want to have the results first. Then (they imagine), when they have them, they will actually commit to taking action and playing big. Ultimately, they 'hope' that they will have the lifestyle of a top income earner and leader.

Of course this never happens, because waiting to step up your game and playing big until the results flow in will never happen.  If you are trapped with the 97% mindset, you will NOT get the results of a top income earner and leader.  97% want to wait to see if something works and then they will step up their game and commit to playing full out. You are either in all the way and operate like a 3% or you might as well throw in the towel now, because you will not see the results you came to this industry for.

Faith precedes the miracle. You have to conceive and believe it before it happens. You need to BE the leader first and take massive action to have the results.  Commit to living by the BE-DO-HAVE principle and doing the 5 things that network marketing leaders do daily. Your life will be transformed.


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