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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to make MLM pay

Multi-Level Marketing (also called Network Marketing or MLM) is business of the 21st century for entrepreneurs around the world.  I know of no other way for the average person to create a successful business with very little money, and go on to become a huge success.  In fact, MLM has created many millionaires and continues to do so today!

Now I assume that because you're reading this, you've failed in the past or are struggling now.  But that's a good thing, because it means that you haven't given up on MLM and would like to try again.  However, to make this business-model work for you (i.e. to make it PAY!), you must do it correctly.  If you don't, you will give up in frustration and fail.  To be honest, that's what happens to most people.  The various reasons for this sad fact are one or more very common mistakes that most people make when they get into this business.  It doesn't matter what the company or product is, or even how much experience you have.  People still make the same mistakes.  To make MLM pay, you must avoid them!  That's really the true secret to success that everyone seems to be looking for.

So here are twenty one (21) ways (at least 21) in which people will sabotage their MLM businesses.  Read the list closely and see if any of it sounds familiar.
Why People Fail:
1)  This one is two-fold.  Some think that passive income means that you don't have to really do anything.  So they don't.  The flip-side to that coin are those who keep searching for the 'magic bullet' strategy that will do all the work for them, while ignoring the fundamentals.  So they give up in frustration.
2)  Another reason for failure with MLM is failing to commit to it.  Many people really, deep down, don't believe in what they're doing and treat it as a hobby - something they'll truly commit to 'once it starts working on it's own'.  But that's the problem.  It isn't going to work on it's own.
3)  Staying inside one's comfort zone is another big reason for failing.  If you desire big money, then you've got to be 'big'.  Approaching only friends and family isn't enough.  You have got to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to sampling your product and explaining your business with strangers that you meet for the first time.
4)  Too many people refuse to believe that this business is sales.  They don't want to do any 'selling'.  Well, nothing happens until something is sold.  In this business, you sell yourself (i.e. your confidence and belief) more than the products.  Offering someone a free coffee sample to try, because you believe in it, might be thought of as 'sharing', but trust me... it's sales action.
5)  Another big mistake is screening too many potential business-builders out.  Thinking that, 'They don't look smart enough', or 'I don't think they've got any money', or 'I don't think they'll do anything' are wrong ways to go about judging people.  You never know what people will do.  Remember this simple phrase:  "You never know..."
6)  Making excuses to cover up for your lack of action is a bad habit and it's a common cause of failure.  People will blame 'the economy', blame their upline, blame the company, blame the expenses, blame the costs of the products, and so on.  That's all based on a lack of faith and an unwillingness to be teachable and coachable - i.e. pride.
7)  A HUGE reason for failure is simply giving up too quickly.  So many people lose all their fire after only two weeks or so of 'working' their new business.  If they're not rich within 30 days, then they assure themselves that, "Obviously, this doesn't work."
8)  I've seen it many times.  People will become distributors in a company like Organo Gold but won't start sampling (or doing anything else) until they know every conceivable detail about the product ingredients, the marketing plan, the commission structure, and so on.  It's called 'the paralysis of analysis'.  It's a real business killer because you end up doing nothing and your initial enthusiasm simply fizzles away.
9)  Another big mistake (in fact, it's a classic one) is telling people about the business opportunity without focusing on the product.  In this industry, you must be a 'product of the product'.  If you don't use and enjoy it, how in the hell are you going to sell it?  Remember:  Nothing happens until something is sold.  If nobody is buying and using the product, no one gets paid!
10)  Some people get the idea that if they just buy enough product themselves and hold it, they'll somehow be recognized by the company, or their upline, as a star and this will benefit them in some way.  That's insane.  The product has got to move - either with sampling, retail sales or (ideally) both.
11)  This one should probably be #1 and be in all bold letters:  Failure to follow the proven system that your company teaches you and, instead, 'doing it your way', almost guarantees failure.  Using Organo Gold as an example, those who have already become millionaires speak of 'the four questions' and 'the four steps', over and over again, as the fundamental keys to success.  But guess what, people still won't do them.  It's the same cause of failure with any company.
12)  Counting 'busy work' as productive activity is a huge no-no.  Reading hundreds of emails, watching tons of marketing lectures on YouTube, studying the commission plan (over and over again) feels like productive activity... but it's not.  The days roll on by and then you begin wondering why nothing is happening.  It's because you aren't following the proven steps that you've been taught - or you're just putting off doing them 'until next week', while you do this other stuff first.  But 'next week' never comes, does it?
13)  Handing out samples is great!  But it's useless without getting firm follow-up plans and contact info.  Sheepishly handing out samples (with the hope that your phone will ring) will bankrupt you.  The samples cost money, for one thing!  And people will not call you back.  You have to call them.  That's right, you have to do it.
14)  You must treat this like a business.  That means getting organized.  When you go out sampling, dress the part.  Keep records of contacts, keep a clean work area in your home, turn off the damned TV and concentrate on your business.
15)  Giving up on a prospect when they say "No" is bad, bad, bad.  People say no for a lot of reasons, but situations change.  As people notice you doing better and better at your business, some will start thinking, "Hey, I'm missing out!"  Fear of loss is a powerful thing.  That's why it's important to remind people that you're still here, you're still doing this business and you're doing great!
16)  Forgetting (or refusing) to follow-up is terrible.  It's also a common cause of failure.  Too many just assume that their prospect will call them back if they're interested.  It doesn't work like that.  People generally won't do anything unless they're motivated by someone or something else!  They'll just sit there, even if they like your product and business plan.  You have to follow up and nudge them forward.
17)  Being too pushy can be a business killer.  People work on their own time-tables.  If you're calling somebody every single day and expecting them to march to your tune, don't be surprised when your referrals start tuning you out!  They'll stop listening.  Yes, you want to be a leader and a motivator.  But you don't want to run people off either.  Remember to strike a balance or you'll potentially un-do a lot of hard work.
18)  Being afraid of the telephone is just terrible.  I hear it all the time - "I don't want to have to talk to anybody."  Then get used to staying poor!  This is a people business.  Once you get used to using the phone, it becomes second nature.  But that won't happen if you're afraid of it.  The phone isn't a big, furry monster.  It's your friend... and it's your money machine.
19)  An almost universal failure is ignoring weekly training/conference calls, or regional events, presented by company leaders.  People think they 'know it all' already and can ignore these things, yet still wonder why their business isn't getting off the ground.  It happens all the time.
20)  Failure to appreciate and work with your upline (or even cross-line) is another mistake.  When all you have to do is learn from them, duplicate their methods and succeed like they have, why wouldn't you?  If you don't want to listen to successful people, you've severely handicapped yourself from the very beginning.
21)  Last but not least is the tragic pathology of 'program-jumping'.  MLM'ers are famous for moving like lemmings from one company to another when they see the 'next big thing' or at the first sign that their current business 'isn't working'.  The truth is that constantly tearing your business out by the roots and trying to replant it in fresh soil means that it will never grow.  It's a vicious cycle that guarantees failure.  Sure, if your company is truly a bad one, then leave it.  But that's a rarity these days.  Choose something and stay with it.

In summary:
To make MLM pay, have an open mind, swallow your pride and be teachable and coachable.  That's really all there is to it.  This business isn't easy, but it's simple if you let it be.  The key is that you have to actually DO it.  Don't wait until you find a 'better solution' or until you're an expert.  Just get active and start moving.  Otherwise, you'll wait your life away.

Be consistent and persistent.  Discipline your work ethic, and treat this as a business. A little effort consistently, every day, works a lot faster and stronger than bursts and lulls. Focus your activity on qualifying prospects, sorting them by priority and interests, and presenting your products and opportunity.
Work on your self-growth and self-talk. Learn and improve on whatever talents you need to improve upon.  USE the company training!  Everyone can learn and get better over time.
Lead with yourself, not the business or the product line. Use company tools and 3-way calls to edify your team and show that the process is easily duplicated.


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