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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Write Emails that Sell (What I like about this)

Effective email advertising is an art and it takes time to master - just like learning to dance or play a musical instrument.  In my experience, it should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.  That's why I like this post by  on his marketing blog.  If you're going to become good at doing anything, you need to make a study of it... and Ben is obviously a master!

Now I don't believe that email marketing should in anyway replace the four(4) basic steps to success with Organo Gold.  Those four steps are proven, they work and they are creating millionaires.  But if you can supplement those four proven steps with a blog (like this one) and effective email marketing (as Ben teaches), then you'll get where you want to go even faster by reaching more people!


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