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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Organo Gold and your Dual Team (Part II)

Recently, I outlined the first two methods for earning income with your new Organo Gold business - i.e. Retail Sales and Promo Pack Commissions. That was Part I of explaining the Dual Team concept.  I felt that it was important to understand the foundation of this business before explaining additional income streams.  Now that we've covered that, let's talk about the Dual Team!

The Dual Team concept is very simple and it's the third method of earning regular income in your Organo Gold business (there are seven, altogether!).  It's also very important to understand both its power and why it's part of the system.

In order for an Organo Gold distributor to benefit from the Dual Team pay structure, she or he must first be 'Dual Team Qualified' in order to participate in it.  Achieving this is simple enough.  First, you must be active in your business and that means purchasing a minimum amount of product on a monthly basis - roughly $50 worth.  (That's why I always recommend the auto-ship.  That way, you never have to worry about staying qualified.)  Beyond that, you need to have enrolled one distributor on your 'right side' and one on your 'left side'.  What do I mean by 'right' and 'left'?  The Dual Team commission plan is based on your sales organization having a binary structure to it - i.e. a right side and a left side.  You'll be able to view it easily in your Back Office once you get started.

Beyond that, your two enrolled distributors also have to be active to the tune of about $50 monthly when they purchase their products.  Again, I recommend that everyone be on the auto-ship.  It makes life so much easier.  Anyway, that's it.  You being active, plus those two being active, means that you are now Dual Team Qualified.

Some may ask, "Hey wait a minute, you mean all three of us have to be buying a minimum amount of product every month for me to be qualified?"  The answer is yes, of course.  That's why it's a requirement.  After all, this is your business.  You should already desire enough inventory to have some products to consume, sample and retail.  Also, you definitely do NOT want to miss out on Dual Team earnings.  So when you join my Organo Gold team, your first order of business is to lay your foundation with some coffee/tea drinking customers and then get your Dual Team set up ASAP.

Once you are Dual Team Qualified, you get paid weekly for the first purchases of everyone in your entire sales organization... down to INFINITY.  Now you might be asking, "Hey wait a minute, did you just their 'first' purchases?"  Yes, your Dual Team is going to grow and grow and grow because it develops based upon the efforts of your recruits, their recruits and even 'matrix spillover' from those above you, such as from me.  There will eventually be many hundreds, or even thousands, in it - people you will never know or meet.  All you need to know is that you will receive a commission check every week based upon their first purchases from the company.  Remember, the Dual Team extends downward to infinity.

Think of it like a bag of microwave popcorn.  When you first put it in the microwave, nothing happens.  Then there's one little pop, then another... and then another.  Soon the popping increases in intensity so much that it's popping non-stop!  The Dual Team is just like that.  But instead of popping corn, it's popping out commission checks... into infinity!


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