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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Organo Gold and your Dual Team (Part I)

The Dual Team is one of the most explosive parts of the Organo Gold compensation plan that helps new business-builders and future Organo Gold DIAMONDS earn income weekly.  The Dual Team Bonus is the 3rd Way that Organo Gold reps can earn income (there are Seven).  The purpose of this two-part post is to illustrate it’s power and simplicity.

Most often, new Organo Gold distributors get confused when they are first introduced to the Dual Team concept, but it’s brilliance is in its simplicity and power.  Its important to note: the Dual Team structure was inserted into the Organo Gold compensation plan on purpose and not by accident.

But before you try to understand the power of the Dual Team, it is crucial that you really 'get' the first Two Ways that you can generate income with Organo Gold.  The first way is with retail profits.  Simply put, as an Organo Gold Distributor, you purchase products at wholesale and then sell them at retail to your customers. 100% of the profits you generate are yours to keep.  Simple enough, right?  You earn retail profits from all your customers, just like any traditional coffee shop or gourmet-coffee retailer.  You don't see any of them offering their customers discounts on coffee or selling to their customers at wholesale, because they are selling to their customersRe-read that last sentence a few times, think about it, then keep reading.

The second way that you can earn extra income is with the Fast Start Bonus.  The Fast Start Bonus is generated as you personally enroll new distributors who want to start a coffee business for themselves.  Do not confuse a business builder with a customer.  Customers have ZERO interest in the business (at first).  They just want to drink their Organo Gold coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mocha because they like the way it tastes and the way it makes them feel.  However, when an individual wants to feel good and earn money, they would purchase what is called an Organo Gold Product Pack in order to get their business started fast.  When you sell this product pack, a bonus check is generated based upon the pack that you sold.   

Bronze = $20.00  – Silver = $80.00 and finally, the popular Gold Pack = $150.00 

Buying retail and selling wholesale is easy to understand and that's the First Way to earn money with Organo Gold products.  Receiving a Fast Start bonus when you help someone else start their own Organo Gold business is the Second Way to earn money here.  That's easy to understand too.  You receive a commission check depending upon what product pack they purchase when they get started with their new business.

Next (in Part II), I'll go into detail about your Dual Team - the Third Way to earn weekly income with Organo Gold.


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