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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Would you attend a paid seminar hosted by a failure?

Actually, you probably already have... more times than you think.  Anyone who tells you 'that will never work', 'you can't do that', 'it'll never happen', 'I tried that and it doesn't work' are giving you a seminar about their own failure - and they can be very persuasive.  They are, after all, experts on their own shortcomings.  If you believe them, then you paid to attend their seminar!  You paid to listen to them because they convinced you to part with your dreams.  You cashed them in and traded them in exchange for this 'expert advice'.

You made a transaction: exchanging your dreams for their advice.

What are you left with after receiving that valuable information?  NOTHING.  You have nothing - though your seminar host firmly believes that he/she has provided you with a valuable service by convincing you to give up on your dreams in the same way that they gave up on theirs.

I'm not saying that you can't learn from others.  That's the way we all learn, from the day we're born.  Of course, we also learn from our own experiences.  That's why you often need to step outside of your comfort zone a little bit and try something you've never done before.  This usually requires elements such as a definite decision, faith, determination and persistence.

I'm also not saying that you shouldn't be a good listener.  Don't let just anybody dump their negative attitudes and beliefs into your precious mind... because they will.  Misery loves company.  Remember that.

Lastly, don't quit!  That's what most failures do, although the one conducting the failure seminar for you to hear will give you a litany of heroic excuses about why they couldn't do it.  And 'if they can't do it, then neither can you'.  But the simple fact is, they gave up and quit on their dreams.  
They QUIT, and that's what you must never do.  Attend their seminars at your peril.


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