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Sunday, September 22, 2013

If I join Organo Gold, can I get some HELP?

The answer is YES!  That's what our Houston-based team is all about!  And no, you do not have to live in Houston, or Texas or even the United States to join our Organo Gold team.  But if you've heard about Organo Gold, and would like to get started with a team that will help you, then I humbly recommend our group.  Remember that Beatles song, HELP!?  Well, whether you do or not, life is like that for everyone at some point and I do understand that.

You know, someone asked what I thought was silly question the other day.  Someone who had visited this blog, sent me an email that just said this:  "Rusty, do you ACTUALLY help your team?"

At first I thought it was a ridiculous question, but then I took a trip down memory lane - just
a few years ago.  Apparently the person had been jaded... as I once was.  Heck, haven't we all?  We jump into something expecting all this help and great results, and as soon as we send our money we never hear from the person again and we never see the results.

It happens ALL too often.

So after I thought about it for just a few moments, I quickly realized that it's a legitimate, genuine question that deserves a respectful reply.  Here was my response to this curious fellow: 

"Dale, thanks for the question. It took me back to just before I had success.  I was in the same shoes you were - joining program after program, and all I wanted was someone to help me JUST ONCE... then I would be out of their hair and on my own.

I remember what it's like to want it so bad that you can smell it and taste it. Because so many others are achieving success, you know it's in reach... you just don't know exactly what to do.  I know this is a long response for such a simple question - but your one line question told a story of what you've been through, perhaps without you even realizing it.  So here's my rebuttal question:  Why wouldn't I help you?  When you look at Organo Gold, how it works, and the team concept involved, why would I not want you being wildly successful?

Let me give you an example:  Let's say I spend $200 in marketing and it got me 5 sales.  Let's say those 5 sales paid me $1,000.  This is a very real example where my profit would be $800. Not too shabby.  Well guess what - if those 5 sales came from my team instead and paid me roughly $1000... what's my profit then?  $1000! See what I'm getting at?

If you're out there making money, then that means you're building my income as well and we both win.  If I have enough people succeeding, then I can completely quit my marketing and help people like you full time without having to advertise myself at all.  So with that said, just get in, and let's make it happen. Put your fears aside, remove that resistance, and I'll be there to help!"

So, in short, it would be ludicrous NOT to help you!  I'd rather get 5 sign-ups from my downline every day than 5 sign-ups on my own.  Why?  Because then we both win, not just me.  You and I both make money... not just me.  So, just like I told Dale - remove that doubt and resistance and just get in. You can't be a scaredy cat entrepreneur.  You have to make that decision, and together we'll make it happen.  Remember, money is renewable... time is not. Don't waste anymore time.

And you what else?  I got another phone call the other day from a stranger who visited this site.  She said that she'd 'done Network Marketing before' and might 'try' Organo Gold if I could answer this one question, "How did you get so many people in your business?"  My answer was, "I started with the first one.  Then I kept going."

What about YOU?  If you've read this far, then I suspect that you're ready to get involved with Organo Gold and earn the FREE Mercedes.  What will it take for you to drive around town in that free car with your friends?   Here's what you'll be doing:  Giving away samples of coffee, sharing the information and the opportunity and teaching others how to do the same thing.

And guess what else.  You'll get plenty of help! 

Then I'll see you at the top.


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