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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Graduate from Organo Gold University with honors!

poor college graduate
The University of Arizona is now offering a minor in rap music. This new degree course has been added to the school's Africana Studies program, part of what it calls 'a trend to give serious academic study to the subject.'  The University of Amsterdam hosts a course on the pop singer, Madonna.  Other major universities (especially in America) provide courses of equally questionable value.

The fact is that many people own fancy and expensive college degrees that are essentially worthless in the real world.  Either the classes they took were pointless or they simply cannot find work in their chosen profession.  Here's an idea:  Attend OG University and learn the skills that will make you a coffee millionaire.  That's right, Organo Gold coffee has its own 'degree program'!

But before you register, I suggest that you take the self-evaluation Entrance Exam, to see if learning the skills to establish and grow a successful Organo Gold coffee business would be right for you. 

This involves nine simple questions:

1)  If you want the training and inspiration that OG University provides to be effective and to help you accomplish your life's goals, list three(3) things that you would want out of it.

2)  If you could only have one of the three things that you listed, which one would it be?

3)  Think of a time when you didn't have this.  When was it?

4)  What happens "down the road" if you don't improve in this area?

5)  What kind of impact will failing to improve in this area have on you and your life?

6)  If you can gain a substantial increase in this area, where and how will you use it?

7)  How will that help you?

8)  Why is this important to you?

9)  Ultimately, what will it mean for you to have this?

If you answered those nine questions fully and honestly, then you have already graded your Entrance Exam and you know what 'graduating' from OG University would mean to you.  The next step is... (see below)


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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