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Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Two out of three ain't bad'...right?

Well, maybe.  Especially if you like Meat Loaf.  But if you're talking about generating income for your business, you need 'Three out of Three'.  Why is that?  It's because making your Organo Gold business work comes down to three fundamental steps.  With coaching and practice, I promise that you will master all three of them. 

They are:

1.) Getting traffic (prospects) to your sites or physical locations (or going to them!)

2.) Collecting contact info for follow-up marketing efforts

3.) Converting your traffic and leads to paying customers

Miss just one and the system breaks down. You can't sell something if you don't have a prospect. You don't have a prospect unless you attract leads, and you can't earn a customer if you don't have any exposures!  In life, you can't win them all. That old saying "two out of three ain't bad" usually applies. But in your business, if you get two out of FAIL.  Since you're not here to fail, then let's figure out a way to make a business work - using these three foundational principles.

With Organo Gold, we're not going to do the heavy lifting for you.  That's because the 'lifting' isn't particularly heavy.  In fact, it's easy if you have the desire to be free.  What we have is a plan and a system that has been proven to work and it is based upon those three steps, outlined above.

LEARN THIS:  1)  You get exposures with Organo Gold by sampling the coffee and by scheduling Coffee Jazz Mixers (CJM's).  2) When sampling, you always get contact info for a follow-up phone call.  3)  You convert with the 3-way call to your sponsor or other upline member.

Goal #1 is to achieve as many 3-way calls as possible.  It's really just that simple.  You get those 3-way calls by exposures and follow-up.  'Two out of three' might not be bad.  But if you're ready to be rich... you need all three.


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