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Friday, October 26, 2012

Keys to success with Organo Gold

keys to success
What are the 'Keys To Success' with the Organo Gold business model?  It's quite simple, really.  You don't need to overthink it!  Here's what you do:  Sample. Sample. Sample.  Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up. 

That's key #1.

When they have an interest in learning about the business:  Invite. Invite. Invite.  Get them exposed to the business "by any means necessary".  One good example is our weekly conference & leadership calls.  Our Houston group also does a weekly webinar where anyone can ask anything and get the help they need.

That's key #2.

Are there more 'keys'?  Of course, there are.  But if you can handle the first two right, you'll already be unlocking the treasure chest of fabulous riches.  Master using the first two keys (it's really not that hard), and all the locks will open for you...


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