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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to win with Organo Gold coffee

classic baseball
Getting to the Hall of Fame as a hitter means that you have to take a lot of swings.  The best hitters are also the ones with the most strike-outs!  But it's the number of swings that's the key.  With Organo Gold, the ones who earn the most are the ones who take the most swings - i.e. the ones who have the most exposures.

Do you want to win?  Then invite like crazy for the team calls we're doing several days a week, every week. This will be an initial exposure for some of your guests.  By the way, the numbers are listed down on the right side of this blog.  They're there for you to use!  Some will sign right away after the call. These people will be in position to benefit from the people you bring in behind them!  Others will need more information. That's OK.

BAMFAM ('book a meeting from a meeting') them to a 3-way call with your plugged in upline.  Your plugged in upline will try to close the deal on that 3-way call.  If we can't close the deal on that call, we BAMFAM them to the next exposure (either call or Webinar).

Like playing baseball, we just keep taking them around the bases until we bring them home. Then we teach them how to do the same thing.  The Webinars are conducted online (of course) and will include the slide presentation.  The information will be the same. It's ALWAYS the same. Reserve your spot now and get these links to your best prospects ASAP!

It's Easy! It's Simple! It's Coffee!

We'll see you and your guests on the calls... tonight!


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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