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Friday, July 13, 2012

Launching your business!

You're ready to fulfill your dreams of financial success, right?  You 'say' you are.  Well... are you?  It's easy to say.  But if that's truly the case, then here's what you need to do:

1)  CALL (not Facebook, text, email, etc..) as many people as you can.  Start the call by saying, "Hey. I'm on my way into a meeting but I wanted to ask you a quick question.  Then ask THIS QUESTION: "If I found a way to put an extra $___________ in your checking account each month, without having to stop what you are currently doing, is that something you might have an interest in?"

(By the way, make the $ amount believable for them)

2)  If they say, "No", you say, "OK. Just wanted to make sure. Gotta go." and then HANG UP!  If they press you for more information, say, "I've got to get into this meeting. I'm working with a group of people that are making that kind of money and more. Check out the site and call me back.  I really don't have a lot of time."  If they say, "Yeah, well what is it?" say, "Have you got a pencil?  Write down Watch the first 2 videos on that web site. After you've seen the video, CALL ME so I can get you on the phone with my partner.  We'll explain the whole deal.  It's simple, really."

3)  If they don't watch the video and/or they don't call you back, THAT'S OK!  Don't worry about that. They aren't who you are looking for anyway.  If they do watch the video and call you back to ask questions, tell them, "Look, I'm working with a group of pros that are launching a major expansion in the area. They told me that if I find someone like you - that sounds sharp - and wants to know more, I should get you on the phone with them. I know they won't have a lot of time, but I think I can get them on the phone for a few minutes. Let me see if I can get one of them on the phone right now."

Then set up a 3-way call with your plugged in upline!

What is this?  It's called PS3 in action!

Step 1 is P for Pique their interest.
Step 2 is S for Show the plan (via
Step 3 is 3 for 3-Way call.

My prediction: Most of the folks that read this will not do it. They'll have a "better idea" or won't want to follow the steps.  The few that DO consistently follow this method right here, starting RIGHT NOW, will ABSOLUTELY break new pin levels (and increase their income), this month!

Success is about choices. You have to decide.  Make the choice - today - to implement this technique in your business and watch your income grow!


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