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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to sell your MLM opportunity

First of all, 'MLM' (aka Network Marketing) isn't a dirty word.  But like used car dealerships, the concept has aquired sort of a bad reputation over the past few decades.  That's completely unfair, but it's just the way it is.  So when you are selling your MLM opportunity to someone new, here are a few fundametals of selling to keep in mind.  Remember them, and you'll do just fine:

Listen closely: When you walk into a car lot (furniture store, clothing store, etc.) and the salesman approaches you, what is the very first thing he or she usually does?  Typically, it is to ask you some seemingly innocent questions.  You know, such as... "What is it that you're looking for?"  "How much do you want to spend?"  Maybe they'll engage in polite conversation about the weather or whatever.  But it’s not just small talk.  Experienced salespeople will listen closely to your answers, knowing that doing so will help them find your sweet spot.  Ironically, sales is not about talking someone into something, that never works.  Ever try 'selling' a kid on cleaning her room? 

Rather, it’s about finding out what they want or need and then showing them that what you have to offer satisfies that need or want. You find out what they need, and therefore what approach to take, by listening carefully.

Say as little as possible:  Let them do the talking.  Show some self-control and don't say much.  A lot of people will actually sell something and then unsell it by not knowing when to shut up!  When you are not talking, you are listening (see above).  With Organo Gold, for example, average people are trained to be 'sales people' by the use of a simple (and very short!) script.  That short script - i.e. 'the four questions' - has created 26 millionaires since 2008.  But it involves very little talking.

Don't try so hard: Overselling, making grand pronouncements, making exagerations, and not trusting your product or pitch enough to leave the customer alone for a while, makes you look 'needy'. No one likes needy people. It’s like that boyfriend or girlfriend you once had who just couldn’t leave you alone. You finally left them alone, right?  The reverse is true when you're trying to 'get' the girlfriend or boyfriend.  Trying too hard gets you nowhere.

The same is true in sales. When you look, act, or sound needy (or worse, desperate!), potential customers are turned off. Trust yourself and your product enough to not oversell, and know when to back off.  To bastardize a perfectly fine axiom: "When you love a customer, let him go. If he comes back, he’s yours, if he doesn’t, he never was yours in the first place."

Sometimes, you do need to push a little bit:  This is more art than science, and that's why practice makes perfect.  Whether it is helping the undecided to finally get off the fence, or explaining to a prospect why they need to act now, you have to know when a gentle push can make a difference. If your push has their best interest in mind (rather than yours) it won’t look like pushiness.

Ask for the sale: Similarly, there comes a time to ask for the sale, to get a prospect to commit. Again, at the right time and for the right reason, it should be more welcome than threatening.  It can be as simple as, "OK, here's how you get started."

Never rest on your laurels: There are three(3) types of customers: New customers, existing customers and customers who are leaving for whatever reason. Too often, when things are good, we fail to replenish the stock because the customers we have are plentiful and bountiful. But sooner or later, existing customers become exiting customers, and if you haven’t been prospecting and bringing in new ones, you will be in trouble.  You can't stop working.  You have to push yourself.  Again, to use Organo Gold as an example, with a binary sales organization system, people tend to think that if they 'just get two, they're done'.  Well that's a good start, for sure!  But you want to do a LOT more than that, and keep doing it.  That's how fortunes are created.  Doing the minimum is human nature, and that's why most people fail.


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