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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I don't have anyone to talk to!

Everyone tells their kids, "Don't talk to strangers."  For kids, that's important - but not if you're going to do this business.  That's because talking to people is really what it's all about.  Seriously, it's not much more than that.  Whether it's coffee, tea or hot chocolate, there's an Organo Gold product that you could talk with someone about - at least briefly.

That's the truth. You know it and I know it.  If you want to start a business like this and go for your dreams, you are simply going to HAVE to interact with people - especially strangers. 

But nonetheless, people still ask me, "How do I find people to talk to?"

Did you get gas for your car, today?  There were people there.

Did you go to a restaurant?  There were people there.

Did you go to the post office?  There were people there.

Did you go to the store?  There were people there.

Did you see your neighbor?  Those are people, too.

Did the UPS guy come to your house?  He's a person.

I'm betting that you saw a LOT of people, today. You found them. Now ask them if they or anyone they know drink coffee or tea, at least occasionally.

To simplify it even further, approach them and say, "I'm expanding my coffee business in the area. Would you mind trying a free coffee sample and just giving me your opinion?"


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