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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trafficwave and Organo Gold

There is an old saying in sales: "The Fortune Is In The Followup".  That's true, actually.  If you're going to join my Organo Gold team and develop your business, you'll need to follow up with those who you talk to, share samples with and so on.  That's only natural.

If you use the Internet as part of your business plan (which I obviously do), you'll need an auto-responder for the same reason.  It's the perfect tool for following up with someone who might be interested in Organo Gold.  What's an auto-responder?  It's an email marketing tool that lets you communicate with large numbers of people who have agreed to receive your messages.  That's one important use for it.  It's other function is to send a series of emails on autopilot.  In other words, it works while you're asleep.

The one I choose is Trafficwave, because it does everything I need for one very inexpensive price.  It also happens to have the best affiliate program of its kind, but that's another matter.

The way I use it is simple.  On the right side of this page is a little two line form that anyone can fill out if they're interested in receiving samples of tea or coffee in the mail.  Once they do, they will receive an email from me, along with a few follow-up emails over time.  It happens automatically.  That's why it's called an auto-responder system.

I just never know when the time is going to be "right" for someone to get started with my team. The auto-responder system works tirelessly to keep my message in front of potential business partners, dripping the information on them over and over again until they are ready.  It can work for you too, if you learn to use it correctly.


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