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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I don't want to bother my friends

"Bothering" people?!? - Seriously?!?  I drink Organo Gold green tea and coffee for my health, the flavor and the way they make me feel.  Telling people that isn't 'bothering' them.  In fact, I give away the stuff for free to every coffee or tea drinker I meet!

Ganoderma (the tasteless, odorless herb infused into all Organo Gold products) has legendary health benefits that anyone can investigate for themselves.  That's why, if you are considering starting your own Organo Gold business, you should be proud of what you have to offer - and not 'afraid' to share it.  Why would you be?  We're only talking about coffee and tea here.

In a recent conversation I had with someone who was thinking about joining my OG team, she said, "But I don't want to talk to anybody.  I don't want to bother the people I know with this stuff".  I didn't laugh, but I resisted the urge to shout when I replied, "Change your mind set!"


Are you "bothering" a drowning man when you throw him a life preserver?

Are you "bothering" a starving mother when you show her how to feed her family?

Are you "bothering" an impoverished family when you show them how to create financial freedom?

Are you bothering that CEO who has to spend the vast majority of his year away from the very family he claims to be working so hard for?

If you are worried about "bothering" people, you simply don't grasp what is happening yet here in OG.

We are offering hope ... solution ... restoration ... freedom ...

If the drowning man doesn't reach out for the life preserver ...
If the starving mother won't even sit down at the table ...
If the broke family won't even sit down to listen ...
If the CEO prefers the "golden handcuffs" ...

I didn't bother them. I offered them hope. If they wouldn't listen (this time), then it wasn't because of me.  It was because they weren't ready to change their lives... yet.


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