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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Can I do Organo Gold online?

I get asked that question a lot, and I asked it myself in the beginning. 

Obviously, I have a blog.  I also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and so on - all centered around Organo Gold.  The blog is like an online 'diary' and the social media accounts are simply the digital version of talking to people.  That's really all this business is; talking to people.

So if you're reading this blog and thinking, "Should I start and build my Organo Gold business online or offline?", my answer is:  You Should Build Your Business!

If your goal is to become a professional, if your goal is to become financially free and if your goal is to help others become financially free, then there should be no “or” in your process. You should be thinking “and”.  In other words, use every possible method at your disposal!  The goal is to get someone to try the coffee (and tea) and/or review the information.  That's it.  We have the perfect product for the industry and the key is to share the information and product with as many people as you possibly can!  Once you get started with Organo Gold, that's going to be your single-minded goal.

The person that says, “I’m just going to build online” is literally walking right past incredible opportunities to change lives every single day. How many coffee drinkers do you know in your “real world” life? Are you seriously not going to ask them to try your coffee?  That's crazy.  On the other hand, the person that says, “I’m not going to bother with the Internet” is missing a powerful opportunity to leverage technology that can literally help them build a global business from home. You send and receive emails, daily.  You’re on Facebook, Twitter, etc… Offer to send your friends and contacts a free sample of coffee. Offer to share some information about your new business with them.

Once you get started with my team, you can invite your friends, family, and associates (that are not in your town) to watch a short video online and give you some feedback.  Organo Gold has lots of good presentation videos and there's tons of stuff on YouTube that you can share as well.  Why wouldn't you use these resources in a social media strategy?

Naturally, I build my business offline and online. Which one is better? They both help me find prospects and build a business! The result is that whether I get new prospects and customers online or offline, the company pays us really well for what we do!  Our company has given us a proven system for building offline by simply giving away coffee samples. Sampling certainly works well for Chick-Fil-A! It worked for AOL! Smart companies are sampling all over the place and it's something that anyone can do!

If you are more comfortable with one approach over the other, that’s fine. Start there. But be willing to learn the other approach so you can give yourself a more well-rounded attack plan for building your business.  I’ve been doing online marketing since 2008 so I’m very comfortable with online marketing strategies. When I’m talking with someone offline, and the conversation comes around to, “But I don’t have any friends” (which we all know isn’t true), I might say something like this:
“That’s no problem.  Through social media, you've got an entire planet of friends."

All of a sudden, this person who was thinking, “I don’t want to talk to my friends and family. They’re already tired of hearing about my latest deal” is thinking, “Well, I could do THAT!”.  Did I negate offline marketing? No. I showed someone a little bit of hope for how they could get started. Once they get results, believe me - they’ll be much more comfortable talking to people.

Over and over again, I see entrepreneurs start up with us because they understand the power of social media. And when they experience the coffee and when they get some results (losing weight, making money, feeling better), it becomes VERY easy to start talking to others about this business, these products, and this business plan.

So don’t limit yourself. Get started where you are and be willing to stretch yourself to where you want to be.


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