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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winning the battle with fear

Would would you do if you weren't afraid?  What could you accomplish?

We're not born with courage, but we're not born with fear either.  Nonetheless, we all have fears.  Perhaps some of your fears are the result of personal experience, or a product of what you see, hear and read in the news every day.  Some of these fears are actually valid, such as being afraid when walking alone in a bad part of town at 2:00 a.m..  Of course, if you learn to avoid situations like that, then you can eliminate that particular fear.

But what I'm talking about here is something more subtle - the basic fears that destroy dreams.  For example, fear of loss, fear of rejection and fear of what other people will think about you are dream-killers.  In fact, if left unchecked, these anxieties can even damage our health.  In short, fear is one of the many enemies lurking inside of us... and it's the great destroyer.  What's worse, these enemies are going to attack and so you don't have any choice but to defend your mind against them, because that's where the battle will happen. 

Allow me to briefly describe five other enemies we face from within, and they're all variations of fear.  The first one that you must defeat, before it destroys your dreams, is indifference. With this one, you usually don't even realize that your life is under attack before it's too late.
Indecision is the thief of opportunity and enterprise.   When indifference gets the better of you, you'll tend to just 'drift along in life'.  Here's the problem with drifting:  you can't drift your way into the Hall of Fame.

The second enemy we face is a self-doubt.  Self-doubt will destroy your chances for a better future. Take the sword away from this enemy by taking action.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself is the only way to win this battle.

The third one is hesitation. Of course, there is a place for healthy skepticism. But you can't wait your life away either.  Many people hesitate because of past failures or having been taken advantage of.  Because of this, they will hesitate when presented with a genuine opportunity to improve their circumstances.  I'm telling you, too much hesitation can destroy your chances of success.  It'll empty both your bank account and your heart.  Procrastination is like a dead horse clipped to your leg.  Let it go.

The fourth enemy is concern or worries (same thing). We all have concerns. Just don't let them conquer you.  Worrying about what hasn't happened yet isn't very productive and it usually involves fear of loss.  When you sit around concerned and worried all the time, you'll never get anything done.

The last one is being overly cautious or timid. It's such a shame if you refuse to take a chance in life. Shyness isn't a virtue, it's a disease.  It'll beat you if you let it, and many people do - because doing nothing, saying nothing and being nothing is the easy path.

To win against these enemies, you need desire.  You need to WANT your dreams more than you want to listen to your fears.  You need to have faith and you need to believe in yourself.  Have these qualities as your weapons and armor, and you will never be defeated.


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