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Monday, April 7, 2014

If only I had what you have...

I've got several friends that are around my age and happen to be in very good shape.  Since I'd like to live a life of vibrant health, I try to be like them and exercise regularly - always pushing myself a little harder.

Sometimes, when I'm sweating, getting tired and hurting, I think about those guys and sometimes say to myself, "Yeah, well if I'd been doing this for years, I'd be in the same shape you're in."  It's kind of an excuse to make myself feel better.   

But that's where the danger lies.

I have people give me basically the same excuse about building their business, or not starting it at all!

"If I had your list of contacts... "
"If I made the money you make... "
"If I had your skills and knowledge... "

Much like working out, when I put in the work, I'll be in shape like my friends are in shape. Right now, I need to keep working and developing.  I'm improving and getting more consistent, but I'm not 'physically fit' yet in the way I plan to be.

Business works the same way.

AFTER you pay the price to learn...
AFTER you put in the work to improve your skills...
AFTER you consistently apply the skills...
AFTER you learn HOW to make money...

Then money comes... every time.


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