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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is Organo Gold only about coffee?

Primarily, Organo Gold is a coffee company.  That's true.  However, they also produce green tea, cocoa, soap, shampoo, body lotions and other items, such as supplements (in capsule form).  That's a good thing because some people just aren't coffee drinkers and cannot get their minds around marketing a product that they don't use.  In fact, some Organo Gold representatives only market the green tea or hot chocolate.  Others simply focus on the supplements and do quite well with them!

I'm kind of a vitamin freak and one of the Organo Gold supplements that I like a lot is the Mycelium.  So what is it and what does it do?  To answer that I will need to explain a little about each capsule.  The Mycelium is 8 day old root system of the Reshi mushroom. It is great for assisting in mental clarity and supports proper balance of brain chemistry.  The Spores are the reproductive and most potent part of the mushroom. They travel throughout the body and assist where needed. They are great for an energy boost, and they aid in decreasing healing time. Another way it utilize them is by making a paste by combining the spores and grape seed extract for use as a face mask or to put on cuts and scrapes.

Ganoderma is the fruiting body of the mushroom. It nourishes the whole body. It has traces of Mycelium in it. But, by itself, its not as powerful as the spores for energy and endurance.  When taken all together they act synergisticly to provide the body with nature's highest form of nutrition.(Grape seed helps the body to absorb the Ganoderma and is 50X stronger then Vitamin C and 20X stronger then Vitamin E It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Grape seed supports the skin.)

By the way, always start slowly with the Mycelium capsules.  Never begin with with the recommendation on the labels, as the North American diet is quite toxic. Start with one of each and slowly work your way up to what feels right.  You'll find that it's easy to share the marketing plan for a product that you believe in!


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