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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Afraid of getting started with Organo Gold?

Maybe you need some new beliefs.  If you don't believe in Organo Gold, perhaps you didn't know that this new company (founded in 2008) already has half the Top-Earners in the Network Marketing industry - including the world's TOP earner.  If you don't believe that coffee is a product that people will buy, perhaps you didn't know that it's the second most consumed beverage on earth - second only to water!  And if you don't believe that you can do this business, perhaps you didn't know that it is specifically designed for the average person to succeed with it.

It's not your fault.  Having old beliefs isn't new.

Try these, for example:

“The World Is Flat!”  Scholars and priests used to believe this. They believed it so strongly that anyone suggesting otherwise was burned at the stake as a heretic! Today, if someone were to tell you that they believe the world is flat, you would look at them like they were crazy!

“You Can’t Run a Mile In 4 Minutes!”  Scientists and trainers believed your heart would give out. Then Roger Bannister did it on May 6, 1954. These days, you aren’t even considered “competitive” if you can’t do it!.

“Man was not meant to fly.”  Oops. Thanks, Wright Brothers.  Now we can fly all over the world, to the moon and beyond!

“That's a Pyramid Scheme.”  When Wall Street Journal publishes a 40 page spread on the Direct Selling Industry and refers to it as “The Ultimate Social Business Model”, it may be time to consider that what you’ve always believed to be “true” may not be entirely accurate.

In 2010, Direct Selling Companies generated over $125 billion in revenue.  Over 75 million men and women in more than 150 countries participated.  That number has only increased in 2013.  There are both Publicly Held Direct Selling Companies and there are Privately Held Direct Selling Companies.  If you’ve looked at the industry (and/or Organo Gold) and decided that you prefer a job where someone else gets more benefit from your labor than you do, that’s fine. Some people prefer the appearance and promise of “security”.  That's their belief (though others are realizing that “job security” is a lie). But before you start banging the “pyramid” drum, you may want to educate yourself on the industry... and perhaps get some new beliefs.

Times are changing. We know the world isn’t flat. We blasted the 4 minute mile. We fly around the world in a matter of hours and we've walked on the moon. The economy is changing. Get the facts for yourself and remember this:  "Fear tolerated is faith contaminated!"

Other belief-based fears can prevent your success when you do get started with a company like Organo Gold.  When you are about to hand a coffee sample to someone, for example, these belief-based fears might be going through your mind:  "I don't believe they're right for this business."  "I don't believe they've got any money."  "I don't believe they'd even care about this business."

Tip: never pre-judge or pre-qualify your prospects.  To decide in advance (based on your beliefs) that a person is too important to be approached, or that another is too inadequate to succeed, is economic suicide.

As I compose this blog post today, I am sitting here thinking about some of my recent conversations with people who say things like, "Man, I just need a couple of people to really work this thing and I know it'll take off."  But if that's not happening, and you are still waiting for these people to show up in your life, then I suggest starting here, by changing your beliefs about yourself:

Are YOU being the person you would want in your own business?  You are if you believe you are!  You've got to be that person before you expect others to be.  Are YOU really working this thing to make YOUR business take off?  You will if you believe in yourself!  They've got to see you working in order to be inspired.  Would YOU want to have YOU in your business?  Damn right!  BELIEVE it!

If you are going to get started with Organo Gold, you must:

BE the person you are looking for.
BE the person who gets on the phone.
BE the person who follows up.
BE the person who follows the 4 Steps.
BE the person you wish you had in your business.

You'll BE amazed at the results when you have desire, backed by faith (i.e. believing in yourself)!


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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