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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organo Gold and the FREE Mercedes

Organo Gold Benz Club
Yes, you can drive a FREE Mercedes Benz.  They're really nice cars!

OK, so how will somebody else make your car payment for you and what the heck is Organo Gold (OG), right?  First of all, Organo Gold is the fastest growing Network Marketing company on the planet.  Of the world's Top Ten earners in this industry, half - yes HALF - are in Organo Gold.  By the way, that includes the Top Earner on earth!  True fact.

That said, who's going to make the payments on your Mercedes for you?  Organo Gold will, that's who.  What's required, from you, is that you get Sapphire done.  Get Sapphire done in the span of a few weeks and you'll be driving around town in your FREE Mercedes just as fast.

Please allow me to explain...

First of all, what does 'Sapphire' mean?  Sapphire is our first Leadership Level with Organo Gold coffee.  When you qualify in your first month as a Sapphire, you automatically join the OG Benz Club.  When you qualify for your second consecutive month, you can go pick out your Mercedes and drive off with it! 

(At the time of this writing, the Benz Club is limited to North America, but that's getting ready to change soon...)

Anyway, as an OG Sapphire, you are already more successful than 99% of the struggling Network Marketers out there and, most importantly, you are in position to achieve the higher Leadership Levels and become financially free for the rest of your life.  Just understand and know that all you really need to get this thing done is YOU, and you alone.  Then, once you've done it, you'll show others how to do the exact same thing.

Alright, so let's get down to the meat of this thing.  What are the qualifications for becoming an OG Sapphire - i.e. what does the company's computer need to see from you?

1)  $14,000 in Group Volume during the calendar month.  Group Volume means both Personal Volume (PV) and everyone in your organization.  Now, this is where a lot of people hit a mental roadblock and they'll have to battle their pre-conceived beliefs.  What do I mean by this?  Lots of people will look at that number and say, "That's too much!  I could NEVER do that."

Folks, it's not a lot and I'll explain why.  But first of all, know this:  It can be done and you can do it.

2)  You personally need to have at least 200 in PV for the calendar month.  By the way, as a Sapphire, you really ought to be moving a case of coffee a month (450 PV). but the company is only looking for 200, at a minimum, to qualify as Sapphire.

3)  You need two(2) Qualified Consultants on your 'left leg' and two(2) Qualified Consultants on your 'right leg'.  (Note:  The word leg refers to how the computer reads your sales organization.  It's too much to explain here.  For now, just understand that you need four good referrals under you.)  A 'Qualified Consultant' is someone who gets started with us by coming in with either a Silver Pack or a Gold Pack - and personally referred by you.  Beyond their first two months with us, they aren't Qualified any longer unless and until they have two Qualified Consultants.  Put simply, you don't really have a new OG referral until they have two referrals.  Now, you still earn money every month from their volume, they just won't count toward your Sapphire ranking until they are qualified.  Understand?  If all of that sounds 'intimidating', it really shouldn't.  This isn't as hard as you think.

So the above three(3) areas are what's required to get Sapphire done.  By the way, you can track all of this in your OG Back Office (which seems to work much better with the Firefox browser).  That said, the key to getting this done within 60 days is massive exposure.

OK, so what are we talking about by 'exposures'?  An exposure is when you get somebody to a CJM (Coffee Jazz Mixer) - at your home, office or elsewhere.  That's one form of exposure.  Another form of exposure is simply having someone visit and watch the presentation there.

Essentially, what we want to do in the way of Massive Exposure, is something called 'PS3'.  That means:  (P) Pique their interest, (S) Show the plan and then (3) 3-Way call to follow up and answer all questions properly.  That's PS3.

Think of it this way:  "Pique their interest" simply means 'are they open to learning more'?  That's all.  But you want to be doing this a LOT!   This can be done through sampling free packets of coffee and asking the Four Questions (and always, always, always get a phone number to follow-up with).  Again, you can invite others to local CJM's,, our weekly team calls and our Houston team's excellent weekly webinar.  You can create a website or blog (like this one) and promote it.  There are drop cards, flyers, bandit signs, car signs, t-shirts, the '3-foot rule' and other ways to spread the word about your coffee business, once you get started.

Not to be too repetitive, but please remember that our goal is to merely 'pique their interest' at this point - just to see if they are at least open to learning more.  Our goal at this phase is not to 'sign people up' or even sell coffee.  When you follow-up with someone (because you got their phone number), all you're saying is that, "I'm checking to see if you're open to learning more, yes or no."  The Four Questions is a great way to do that!

Also, when on the telephone, learn to ask key questions.  For example, lead with the phrase, "If there was a way...", or, "If I found a way...", then, "...where you could add another $1,500 to $2,000 to your bank account every month, without having to stop what you're currently doing, is that something you would want to know more about?"  Or how about this:  "Knowing what you know today, would you have invested in Starbucks 20 years ago if you had the money?"

If they say no to either question, you're done.  The conversation's over.  They're not open.  They're not the kind of person that you're looking for.

But if they say 'yeah' or 'sure', the respond with, "Great.  I've got something that you should take a look at."  Then direct them to 

So these are examples of 'piquing interest' - the first part of "PS3". 

The next step is:  Show The Plan

Showing the plan is always better in a group setting, such as with a CJM.  And again, is excellent.  Our Houston-based group has team members in the Philippines being successful with this formula.  The great thing about is that it's an invaluable tool (FREE to use) that is available to you anywhere on earth, 24/7.

Now - very important - once that presentation is done, you have GOT to set up that 3-way call.  The fortune is in the follow-up!  This is absolutely critical.  Suggest that they write down any questions that they might have in advance of the 3-way call.  Here's a good one to suggest:  "What did you like best about what you saw?"

You've piqued their interest and you know that they're open to learning more, you've shown the plan and so they have all the information.  Now comes the 3-way call (PS3, remember?), and it's a must-do.  This is how you get to Sapphire in 30 days, folks.  30 quality 3-way calls will get you to Sapphire and beyond.  That should be your ambition - 30 quality 3-way calls.  That's the key that opens the lock to real financial freedom that will last for the rest of your life.  To set up that 3-way call, just tell them, "I'm working with a guy who's driving that FREE Mercedes.  I'm sure he can chat with us for a few minutes and answer any questions you have."

When you make that 3-way connection, introduce your upline expert and then stop talking.  Let your upline take the call from there.  They are the experts.

The key to this whole thing is to take FAST action.  Remember those numbers I gave you - 30 quality 3-way calls gets you to Sapphire and beyond.  Commit to yourself to make it happen, right now.  Never be afraid of the telephone and never hesitate to ask for a phone number when handing someone a coffee sample.  You cannot follow-up without that number!

Are you ready to make a commitment to your own success?  People are going to tell you 'no', or that 'it won't work'.  'NO' is part of the system.  Deadbeat recruits, drop-out recruits and so on are also part of it.  Don't worry about that.  It's all about numbers and understanding the way it works.

Out of 100 presentations, you might hear 'no' 75 times.  Who knows?  Of the 25 who say 'yes', maybe half of those actually stick around and work the business.  But those 13 are what make you rich - I'm talking multi-millionaire RICH with Organo Gold coffee.

I personally know of no other way in which the average person can get RICH so fast.  And you don't need to come from a 'good family', you don't need a college degree or even a high-school diploma.  All that you need is desire, backed by faith, and the plan that I've just outlined above.

So... are YOU ready to change your life?  Yes or no?


To become a part of the Organo Gold family today, and start down the road to financial freedom, simply click HERE.

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