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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starting a business with no money (or very little)

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Lots of people who hate their job, or can't find one, dream of starting their own business.  Just this week, Jason, a young man in one of our local business-networking socials, said he only had $5,000 and wanted to know how he could get started in business (any business) with such a small amount. I told him that the amount doesn't matter; what matters is that he get started. And NOW!

My advice to Jason (and to you) is to stop thinking like the "average" person, unless you want to be average. The average person expects to work a job for 30 or 40 years, then retire on a "fixed
income" that somebody else fixed for him or her... if you're lucky. If all you want out of life is to be average, just do what average people do. But I hope you'll set your goals a 'bit' higher then that.

The only real difference between rich people and poor people, is the way they think. So start thinking in a different way, start seeing things in a different way and start doing things in a different way. Start thinking like the entrepreneur that you were meant to be. Entrepreneurs don't wait for opportunities or expect someone else to hand them something without any effort.  They create their own opportunities and then act upon them, with focus and desire.

Now, let's get started with building a BIG business from a small beginning - and no, it won't take $5,000 either.  Rather than lots of money, the first requirement is to get rid of all that "stinking thinking."  Forget that "good education," "good job," "good retirement" brainwashing the schools laid on you. That's what keeps average people average.  It's mostly an illusion anyway, because there are legions of unemployed people around the world with expensive degrees hanging on their walls.


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