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Friday, November 2, 2012

Organo Gold and your autoshipments

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With your Organo Gold coffee business, you are always going to need product on hand.  You need it to sell, you need it to sample, you need it to supply new distributors fast and you'll probably want some around to drink!  That's why your monthly autoship is so impoerant.  Without it, you're not in business and nobody can sell out of an empty sack. 

But here's the big reason to make sure you are on the proper autoship:  It sends a message to the Universe that you truly EXPECT and are PREPARED for success in your business.

Imagine trying to recruit someone like David Imonitie or Holton Buggs or Rod Smith and all you have is a few little boxes of coffee. They'll pass you by looking for a leader that is ready for them.

Want massive results? Show that you're actually ready for it!

Little autoship = small expectation.
Big autoship = big expectation.

What do you want your team to do?  Make sure YOU are doing it first.


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