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Friday, November 2, 2012

How does the Organo Gold business work?

Organo Gold
Congratulations on investigating the Organo Gold movement.  Why do I call it a 'movement'?  Because it's THAT big!  You might’ve heard some people talking about some major sports and Hollywood stars joining this team of people selling healthy coffee and earning big money.  Those involved with Organo Gold like to say, "It's easy, it's simple, it's coffee."  Yet for something so easy and simple, it's already creating millionaires. 

Many who join Organo Gold are earning 5-figures a month within a year - sometimes much sooner.  That might sound impractical. It might not sound 'real' – but it is.

Actor Danny Glover and NFL great Rod Smith are just two big names that are proud to put their public faces and reputations to the fidelity of Organo Gold. They are pleased to do that because both have been able to make a decent income following their retirements. But they’re not the only ones getting richer. Everyday folks have had their lives transformed thanks to Organo Gold coffee.  From Houston, Texas, Mr. Holton Buggs earned $4 million in one short year (and now earns a million a MONTH) thanks to the healthy coffee business.

Why do we call it 'healthy' coffee?  That's because Organo Gold is infused with a tasteless and odorless herb (a rare mushroom actually) called Ganoderma - also known as 'The King of Herbs'. The plant has been medically proven to help the body in many ways. Organo Gold has been scientifically backed with many studies. Organo Gold wanted to make something healthy and put it in something that almost everyone drinks. You might forget to take your vitamins in the morning but you will never forget to drink your coffee. You might be asking yourself how can people earn money from Organo Gold and how are they earning so much? It’s very simple, through network marketing. With some hard work and a little investment, you can start your own Organo Gold coffee business.


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